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Gotham Gold Picks -- 5 Cut-and-Paste Opening Texts She Can’t Resist (And one text that INSTANTLY screws up your chances with her…)

Want Younger Chicks Sending You Nudes?

I love it when women send me naked pictures…

They’re fun to look at, they brighten my day, and most importantly… when a woman sends you nudes, the chances of you getting laid go through the roof… 

(especially during these crazy times!)

And it’s just not the chances of getting laid that goes up… the frequency goes up too. 

If a woman is willing to send you nudes it’s because she trusts you enough not to release them… and will definitely sleep with you A LOT if she has that sort of trust in you. 


With some women there is a ton of resistance when it comes to sending these kinds of pictures, and this is especially true if there’s a big age difference. 

Like I said, oftentimes there needs to be a lot of trust before you can get these kinds of pictures. 

And that trust is easier to build if she can see herself with you long term, which can be harder for a woman to do if you’re a lot older.

This makes things even harder–not just to get nudes, but to even land a date–if she’s made it a personal rule not to date guys above a certain age.

Luckily for guys like us… women don’t make decisions like who they send nudes to and who they end up in a relationship with, based on logical things like age….

They make these decisions based on emotion, and if you can get a woman to a high enough emotional state, she will see you as a guy she’d sleep with, date, get in a relationship with, and send nudes to.

And it’s actually pretty easy to “Rewrite Her Rules” if you know how to pull these emotional triggers.

As a matter of fact, right now I’ve been seeing a 22-year-old woman who NEVER thought she’d end up with a man so much older than her.

She always dated guys her age.

She wasn’t particularly attracted to older men.

And she even teasingly called me “grandpa” a few times…

But all that was okay, because I used several tricks to override her logic with emotion… and soon enough she was sending me nudes, asking ME out on a date, and she was even the one who invited herself back to my place to hookup after our first date. 

The techniques simply use psychological principles to make you so desirable to her, that things which normally would have been a deal-breaker (like age) become completely irrelevant:

Click here right now and discover techniques that will override a younger woman’s logical brain, and chase after you, even if she’s never been attracted to older men. 

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