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How to Feel Bigger, Never Get Rejected, And MORE…

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how to feel bigger

Here’s a Simple Way to End a Dry Streak…

A few years back I was on a 4 month dry spell…

I just couldn’t get laid, and a big reason was because of my wimpy libido.

I had no desire to go out and chase women.

I essentially wanted to spend my time working, sleeping, binge watching Netflix… and drinking beer.

Obviously this was extremely bad for me health wise, and mentally too… so I had to make a change.

I realized I needed to do something about my lack of drive…

First I quit whacking it to p0rn everyday, and this helped a bit… but it wasn’t really enough to make me want to put in the effort of chasing women and dating.

But then I did something a little different…

I added a few vegetables to my diet — click here now to see what they are ← 

These vegetables have been scientifically proven to help clean out, and expand your blood vessels, potentially boosting your bloodflow by quite a bit.

The better your bloodflow, the better certain hormones like testosterone, dopamine, oxytocin, etc. are delivered throughout your system.

The better these hormones are distributed the higher your libido can go. 

(Not to mention that blood flows more easily “down there”… making you fully engorged…)

After a few weeks of eating these vegetables I felt like a stallion in heat… I was ready to go full carpenter and nail any decent-looking girl I laid my eyes on.

I was constantly turned on, and ready to talk to girls.

Soon enough… I found a little hottie named Vanessa who scratched every sexual itch I had…

And it all started by eating more of these veggies:

Click here right now to discover what five vegetables I added to my diet to wildly improve my drive and end my dry streak.

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