#datingadvice | Gotham Gold Picks — “The Goldilocks Choke” Fantasy She’s Desperately Craving From You In Bed

From Kinky Sexual Fantasies to How to Tell a Hot Younger Woman Wants YOU…

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Some May Think This is Creepy…But It’ll Get You Laid…

The other day I’m sitting on the couch talking with my buddy and we’re talking about truffles…then we start talking about how adding truffles to stuff makes it taste so much better. 

Truffle butter, truffle oil, truffle sea salt, etc…

The my buddy blurts out “Wouldn’t it be awesome if they made truffle hot sauce?”

And no exaggeration…20 minutes later I’m scrolling through Instagram and I see an ad for truffle hot sauce *mind blown*

(Yes I bought it, yes it’s the best hot sauce I’ve ever tasted, if you’re interested it’s called Truff and it’s not available on Amazon).

Anyways…it’s creepy yeah, but how did Instagram know to show me an ad for truffle hot sauce?

It’s thanks to something called “Advanced Machine Learning…”

Large companies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook track everything we do on the internet, and gather data on what we’re doing. 

And that data gets plugged into an algorithm which lets advertisers specifically target us with ads, based on our internet browsing patterns. 

These large companies have so much data on us that it’s borderline creepy…

Now, you might be wondering “Ok…that’s weird, but how does this get me laid?”

Well…it’s simple.

Thanks to this ocean of data gathered by these companies, we now know a lot more about people than we did 20 years ago.

Usually this data is kept under wraps, BUT…a group of computer scientists used their inside credentials to get a look at this data and use it for their own selfish purposes…

They particularly looked at the data with women, and quickly realized how to use this data to get laid

They quickly learned what kinds of guys get the most responses for women and what each of these guys had in common (it’s probably not what you think). 

As well as little things that turn women on, which most guys aren’t even aware of. 

And things that have been repelling women so quickly she won’t even give you a second glance, which many guys unknowingly do (it’s why so many guys get ignored right away)

All the knowledge these guys gained thanks to Advanced Computer Learning algorithms soon had them swimming in a sea of women…

Whereas before, these nerds would go YEARS at a time without feeling a woman’s touch.

Some say what these guys did is creepy…

An invasion of privacy…

And just straight up wrong…

But…hey, if I were in the position they were in I probably would have taken advantage of that data too.

Click here to learn what billions of data points tell us how women operate, it might just shock you.


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