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Gotham Gold Picks -- The “Tantric Thrust”...Give Her HUGE O’s

Wanna Bang a Married Chick?

So, last weekend I was celebrating my friend’s birthday… and he invited a few girls over. 

One of the girls brought a friend, who was hands down one of the hottest girls I’ve ever seen.

Like… she’s so hot you can’t eat ice cream around her, because it’d melt. 

But… when I tried to talk to her, despite us having mutual friends, she ignored me.

She didn’t laugh at my jokes, wasn’t very talkative, and was just super cold…

I took this as a challenge, decided to pull out the big guns, and next thing you know she was putty in my hands.

She went from being super cold and disinterested…

to laughing at my jokes, being really engaged in everything I said, holding eye contact… and pretty soon I could tell she was turned on.

So I took her by the hand and we walked away from everyone else…

and we made out like h0rny teenagers.

Next thing you know we’re dry humping in an Uber, while she’s rubbing my junk through my pants.

It wasn’t until the next day when I spoke to one of my friends that I discovered she was married (whoops)… 

…so that’s why she was initially so cold.

How was I able to get her to do a complete 180?

Well… simple… remember that secret weapon I mentioned?

That was in reference to my touch.

When you use your touch in a certain way, women gradually get more and more turned on, until she’s dripping wet like a broken faucet. 

This often completely overrides a woman’s logical brain, and makes her give in to her primal urges…

Click here right now and discover how to use your touch in a way that will turn a woman on so much all she will think about is banging you, even if she’s married. 

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