#datingadvice | Hot Pornstar Ember Snow Answers: “How Long Should Sex Last & Does Size REALLY Matter?”

Pornstar Ember Snow Reveals All In This Exclusive Q&A…

Pornstar Ember Snow Reveals The TRUTH About Lasting “Long Enough” & Your Size…

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Hey, it’s Craig, Gotham Club’s founder.

It’s a new week of our brand-new series where adult film stars get to answer Gotham Club readers’ most burning sex & relationship-related questions.

Yes, that’s right(!).

We asked pornstars the questions you’ve been dying to have answered…. and they really delivered.

So today, Ember Snow is answering a question from Gotham Club readers.

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Ember Snow is a prolific star in the industry, and is known as “America’s porn sweetheart.” 

And today, Ember is answering the following question for you:

 Does size matter? Do you enjoy s*x with any guy who can last “long enough”? What’s “long enough”?

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Catch The Full Q&A Session Below…

Ember Snow: “Size doesn’t matter to me.  

It’s how you use the d*ck that matters the most.  

Of course, that’s just me. I can’t speak for other girls.  

For other girls it’s a thing, but I am so tiny, I can accept just about anything.  

In terms of lasting “long enough,” I’ve been with guys who can go for hours and others who can go for 5 minutes. 

If you’re a five-minute wonder, then be ready for a lot of foreplay.  

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Women are capable of an infinite amount of orgasms (my record is 72 in less than 90 minutes), so if you blow your load after five minutes, chances are, the woman is still unfulfilled.  

The way to fix this is to make sure the woman has had several orgasms with your fingers and mouth before you slam the soldier into her.  

That way, your first orgasm will tire her out enough so that it will be her last.  

As far as “long enough,” again it varies with everybody.  

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In porn, we sometimes have to do it for a few hours with some breaks.  

It can get very tedious at times, but it’s the job we do.  

In my personal life, an hour total from foreplay to explosion is usually good, unless the foreplay lasts a long time and the guy knows how to pace himself.  

Then it could go longer…

But like I said, you don’t HAVE to last forever to get me off!”

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Besides… if you can’t last that long, don’t feel bad… I certainly don’t last that long anymore… (research shows the average guy only lasts 6 minutes from start to finish).

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