#datingadvice | How To Get Laid During The Coronavirus Lockdown

This is a great way to get laid during coronavirus lockdown…

Whether You’re “Sheltering In Place” or Still Able to Get Around… These 4 Tips Should Help You Get Laid During Coronavirus…

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This might be controversial or unpopular… but this coronavirus panic?

It might be the single biggest opportunity to get laid in your lifetime.

How is that possible when bars are closed…

Restaurants are shut down…

And governments are telling everyone to stay inside no matter what!?

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I know things may seem really weird… and like this quarantine period could become “the new normal”…

But in reality, it’s likely to shut down after 1-3 months.

And if you plan accordingly… not only can you still potentially get laid during this very strange time in the world’s history…

But you’ll also be perfectly positioned to get laid a ton once the crisis is over.

Here’s why this is all going to happen… and exactly what to do to get laid like you’re Warren Beatty during and after this quarantine period.

Why An Angry Mob Of Sex-Starved Hot Girls Might Soon Bang Down Your Door & DEMAND to Get Laid…

I know it kind of sucks that you’re stuck inside right now…

But here’s why it could work to your advantage:

A lot of hot single women are on complete “lockdown” too.

And they want to get laid just as badly as you do.

When things are “normal,” they can go out on any given night and find a lucky guy to give them exactly what they want…

But right now… the supply of sex has dried up for them too!

And it’s not like they can “throw themselves into their school or work” either–many of these hot girls’ daytime activities have been cancelled.

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So they’re sitting at home…

Fantasizing non-stop about going out and getting laid…

Building up their horniness to levels they’ve never really experienced before…

And aching for the day when they can finally have sex with a guy again.

This isn’t like one isolated hot girl this is happening to either.

It’s millions of hot girls across the world… all getting uncontrollably horny…

Eventually… the dam is going to break!

Either this is going to continue for a while. And girls who aren’t sick, or who have already contracted the virus and been cured of it will eventually venture out to get laid by guys they know and trust… or…

The pandemic is going to burn out… and we’re going to see one of the biggest sex-fests of all-time!

So for the rest of this article, I’m going to show you the absolute best things you can do right now to get laid like a pro athlete or rockstar no matter which of these situations come up.


Scenario 1: How to Get Laid During A Prolonged Lockdown For Many Months

Recent estimates say that the government is planning on some kind of a lockdown for up to 18 months.

While I really doubt it’s going to be that long… it certainly appears to be a possibility.

So in that case… you have to ask yourself an important question:

Do you think all hot younger women are going to become chaste nuns for 18 months?

No, of course not!

They’re going to go crazy with horniness at some point…

And eventually, they’re either going to venture out (or invite a guy over) to get laid.

It’s just human nature… especially for hot girls who are used to controlling how/when they go out for sex.

Unfortunately… there’s only one minor complication:

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The massive city-wide quarantines that many folks around the world are under currently!

(Note: I am NOT advocating that anyone violate any quarantines in place! Please use common sense and your local/state authority’s guidance when looking to get laid!)

So how do you get laid when there’s a general lockdown in place?

You’re going to have to build more comfort with whatever girl you’re chasing.

She’s going to need to see you as someone she can trust… who’s not going to infect her if she invites you over.

Because yes, even if she’s really hot and in her twenties… and not considered “at risk”…

She probably has parents, grandparents, and even older friends and acquaintances she’s horribly worried about getting sick.

So you not only have to build up attraction and desire with her…

But you ALSO need to build a strong amount of trust and comfort with her before suggesting a meetup.

In this scenario, there are a couple great FREE GIFTS I have for you that will help you a lot in this regard.


1) Meet Hot Girls Online (& Do THIS to Get a Response)

Odds are in the case of a prolonged quarantine, your first interaction with a girl will be online.

After all, Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge aren’t shutting down…

But your strategy for each might need to change a little bit.

First, here’s what to put in your profile to get her attention:

3 “Deal-Makers” For Your Dating App Profile

These are 3 real things from a Cornell University study that helped guys get laid more often when they were in their dating profiles.

(Best of all, because they were at a college, the “willing participants” for the study were already hot college girls… so you know these actually work).

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Put all three in your profile and watch as the number of matches go up.

Second, here’s exactly what to message her to get a response:

The “Hookup Blueprint:” From First Message to Sex FAST

Use this real-life, tried-and-true data to see what words and phrases you should use in your messages to get more responses.

(A lot of them are already tailored to build comfort quickly… so while they may not work as fast during this lockdown as during “normal times,” they’ll still get you laid a lot faster…).

Once you’ve done both of these things, you’re ready for the next step:


2) How To Effectively Build Comfort Fast (Without Becoming Her “Platonic COVID Buddy”)

Once you’ve made initial contact, you’re going to want to start building comfort with her as quickly as possible.

That’s easier said than done when you can’t get out of the house too easily.

So instead of going out on a date… try to get her on video chat somewhere.

Now, again, this probably takes a little more prep work than you might think.

Pick up your place a little bit, so that you can move around without mountains of dirty dishes or dirty clothes everywhere.

This plants the seed in her mind that you are “clean,” which makes you less likely to be a carrier of the virus.

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It also allows you to give her a “virtual tour” of your apartment, so that subconsciously she can start fantasizing about coming over… going to your bedroom… stripping down naked… and banging you silly.

Then, when you have good banter on whatever app you’re on, just say something like,

“Hey you seem cool and this lockdown sucks… wanna video chat?”

That’s it.

If she’s into you, she shouldn’t mind too much–after all, what’s she risking at this point?

And if she’s not into it… you can try these 3 things to “Change Her Mind” really fast, and really easily.

When you’re chatting with her… get to know her without being too forward, or pushing for sex too hard (at first).

Sure, eventually you’re going to have to sexualize the conversation.

But for now, let her into your world a bit.

Show her a cool hobby you have, whether it’s playing an instrument, a fun game you can play via vid chat, etc.

Agree to each make a drink with what you have on-hand, and talk about why you like it (or if you were forced to make it).

(Gently) tease her when she says something “tease-worthy.”

You can even talk about emotionally-charged things, like where you were during other weird times in your country’s history (9/11 is a common one, but only if she’s over 20!).

When any of our experts say “build rapport,” this is what we’re talking about!


3) Turn Things Sexual (& Get Her to Come Over)…

Once you’ve built a certain level of comfort… then it’s time to turn things sexual.

Start making little innuendo and double-entendres.

You can even ask her things like “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever sexted someone?”

This will allow you to “gauge her temperature,” and figure out just how horny she is.

If she seems game… then it’s time to break out the big guns:

5 Texts That Make Her Come Straight Over for Sex

These are from my mentor, Glenn, and work really well to get a hot girl to come over for sex right away.

Of course, she might take a little more convincing than usual!

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That’s totally natural.

You can reassure her by agreeing to take your temperature via video chat (another opportunity to build more rapport)…

AND if you do this, definitely make her do the same (“How do I know you aren’t carrying coronavirus?!”–turn the tables on her and show her you’re a confident guy who will challenge her).

If she still is reluctant, don’t get angry or “push” her into it.

Simply send her an “lol ok” or other short text… and then try again in a day or two.

And all the while… use these uncommon strategies to turn the tables on her and make her chase you (free video).

Also, especially if you’re an older guy… don’t risk your health for a little sex!

I get that sex is important… and it’s a natural urge that’s tough to turn off…

But if you bang a girl who’s carrying the virus… you might die because of it!

And because of that…the important thing to remember is that it might take a while for YOUR comfort level with HER to build up to sex.

And along the way, she might suggest video chat sex… phone sex… or some other way of “non-contact” sex.

While I agree this isn’t “ideal”… it’s better than nothing!

And it can also prepare you for the coming “Coronavirus Sex Fest!”:

Take advantage of this little known tip to get laid during coronavirus lockdown…

Scenario 2: How To Take Advantage of the Coming “Coronavirus Sex Fest”

Personally, I’m of the opinion that this whole thing will burn out in 3 months or less.

It hates the warm weather… and in other countries, from initiating lockdown to resuming “business as usual” has taken about 1-2 months on average.

So if you don’t have enough time to employ the strategy above… then you definitely want to prepare for the truckloads of hot, horny women that will be filling the streets once this is over!

These women will practically be simmering in their horniness for a month or two…

And they’ll do anything to get laid once the lockdown is ended.

So how do you prepare for this right now?

You learn everything you need to know to bang more, hotter girls right now!

Now is the ideal time to fix any “holes in your game,” or otherwise learn from some of the best ladies’ men in the world…

Especially if you have a lot of free time at home during quarantine.

That way, you can get this information now… internalize it… and be ready to use it on real, hot girls when the lockdown is over.

Best of all? Everything is going to be on easy-mode!

Because single girls are going to be really horny when this thing dies down… you’ll face less rejection… less “frigid girls”…

And way more smiling… happy… hot girls who are dressed in cute sundresses to attract YOU.

Since this is Gotham Club, we have a bunch of great resources to help you get laid faster… with hotter women…

So just click on whatever you need help with the most below… and watch the short, free video on exactly the next steps to take to get laid once the “Coronavirus Sex Fest” is in full bloom:

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