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Hey, what’s up? It’s Ruwando here on behalf of Gotham Club, and today we’re going to answer some questions. 

This one is from Arnie. He says:

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The wife’s been hinting that she wants a vibrator.

But of course, when I asked her what kind she has no idea.

Do you have any good beginner options that can make her come?

Arnie, okay. I’m going to answer that question for you.

I’ll show you the truth below:


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One thing I’d also like to know is the question behind that question.

We’ll start with the main thing:

I don’t use vibrators a ton.

But if you do, anything simple works.

The first time you use an electronic toy with a lot of stimulation, you want to avoid jumping straight to maximum vibration.

Something with a dial where you can control the vibration–or something with a lower RPM vibration–there are a lot of things you can try.

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If you go to a sex shop, try to find something with a variable vibration.

But the thing I want to dig into with your question, Arnie, if I may analyze you a little bit… is the fact that she’s “hinting” at wanting a vibrator.


What Does It Really Mean When a Woman Hints at Wanting a Vibrator?

So if she’s hinting at it, it might not be that she actually wants a vibrator.

It could be that she’s hinting at something unsatisfying in your sex life. 

And I just want to say, even though I don’t use vibrators, there’s nothing wrong with them.

I mean, I think they can be a great addition to mix things up in anyone’s sex life.

You could be a beast in the bed and a vibrator can still be a fun addition.

But if she’s hinting at it, as opposed to saying she wants to explore it, I question your sexual communication.

Does she not feel safe talking about something? 

Is she resentful? 

Is something that you’re doing in bed not satisfying her enough?

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These are things you should bring up to her. 

And you know, you said “wife,” not just some random person you’re hooking up with.

If you’re in a committed relationship with someone, you’ve got to be talking about sex. 

I’ll put everything out on the table.

In fact, I think she would appreciate it if you called out the fact that she’s been hinting at.

You can be like:

“Hey, honey, I sense that you’ve been hinting at wanting a vibrator.”

Just that acknowledgement might be something that she wanted, where maybe she assumes that you’re oblivious to her sexual needs. 

This is something you should be looking into. 


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Because, you know, it might just be that she’s curious and wants to try something new.

And that’s great.

But if she’s hinting at it, and not saying it flat-out… maybe she actually wants to have more orgasms.

Or maybe she wants to do something different. 

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Or maybe she wants to feel safer with you.

Or maybe she’s become resentful at you about something, and it’s making it harder for her to enjoy sex. 

That’s what you should be discussing.

Because especially in committed relationships, you’re crazy for not talking about your sex life.

Sex is going to ebb and flow in a long-term relationship. 

And it’s important that as you both change, you’re willing to discuss the most intimate physical act available, which is sex. 

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I wonder if there’s actually something more you can be doign for her emotionally to make sex better.

Because a lot of women’s pleasure is in the mind.

Vibrators are great, but a woman who’s resentful, shut down or afraid will not be able to feel pleasure or enjoy herself in the same way.


That’s Not All…

The best vibrator in the world is not going to get her off. 

What gets women off is a feeling of safety…

The feeling of connection…

And the feeling that she’s being handled by a man who knows what he’s doing and can create that safety. 

That’s why dominance is so important.

It’s not that women necessarily want to be told what to do.

It’s that when you’re in that dominant role, she feels safe surrendering. 

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And the more she surrenders, the more access she has to orgasm. 

So, you know, I did kind of flip the question a little bit. 

The short answer is get a vibrator you can dial.

But ultimately, if you’re just interested in giving your woman more powerful orgasms… even if you don’t end up getting a vibrator or some other toy…

Here’s a move I highly recommend you try out (it’s my personal go-to for foreplay): 

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