#datingadvice | How To Make Your Penis Bigger in Winter (Yes, “Winter Penis” IS Real)

Check out the surprising reason why you might feel slightly smaller in the winter…

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As the days turn colder, the sun sets earlier, the nights stretch longer, you might notice something else is changing size, too.

No, I’m not talking about that beer belly you definitely don’t have.

Look a little farther south. I’m willing to wager there isn’t a man alive who doesn’t know the concept of “shrinkage.”

If you’ve ever participated in a bit of winter streaking, you know what I’m talking about.

But “winter penis” is a real thing, and it affects guys day-to-day in the winter—not just during the Polar Bear Plunge.

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During the summer, lots of guys get online to talk about the amazing “summer penis”—aka how much bigger their penises are in the warm months. Don’t believe me? Be my guest—look it up.

And on the flipside, “winter penis”–as you may have already guessed–is the phenomenon where your penis literally gets smaller in the winter time.

So today I’m going to explain why this happens, and what you can do to keep your manhood as full as possible all winter long.

The Science Behind Winter Shrinkage & Why It’s Probably a Bigger Deal Than You Realize…

A doctor explains it:

When temperatures are warmer, veins are more relaxed and open. As a result, the tissue inside the penis is full of more blood, and your junk looks, well, bigger.

The scientific term for this is “vasodilation.” Weirdly, it’s the same thing that’s going on in your cheeks when you blush.

To understand vasodilation, just think about the last time you went to the gym.

Did you notice that your muscles looked a lot bigger after you finished a tough set of reps? Awesome, right? Who doesn’t love fast results?

But in a couple of hours, you were probably a little sad to see that your pecs had deflated to their usual size.

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Right after you use them, muscles are swollen with blood, because of vasodilation. This makes them look bigger.

Now you know why everyone takes their fitness selfies after their workouts, even though they look kind of sweaty… we all have to make tough choices.

Anyways, this muscle thing is exactly what’s going on with summer penis. Vasodilation, baby.

Your veins expand, you’ve got more blood flowing throughout your body, and things are looking… well, bigger.

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And the opposite explains summer penis’s cold brother: the curse of the winter man parts.

How To Make Your Penis Bigger in Winter (Yes, “Winter Penis” IS Real)

How Much Does It REALLY Shrink Though?

Winter penis is no subtle fairy. Horribly, experts tell us that men can expect their penis to become half as long and 20 to 30 percent narrower in the winter.

What cruel devil makes this happen?

With colds and flu, nasty weather and icy roads, isn’t winter life hard enough already? Must penises be punished also?

No, winter penis isn’t some curse leftover from the Garden of Eden and that one bad apple. At least, I don’t think it is. It’s just a simple scientific reality.

And no, your body isn’t trying to spite you. You’re not being punished for that extra beer or that last slice of pizza. There’s actually a good reason for winter penis, and it has to do with survival in extreme conditions.

In cold temperatures, your body is pumping more blood to your organs—like your heart and lungs.

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And when your core needs to stay warm, your dangly bits get left out in the cold.

You’ll also notice the boys riding a little higher, which can contribute to an overall smaller appearance. The testicles are true survivors: they stay closer to the body to keep warm and protect their contents.

Beyond making you look smaller than you actually are, cold temps can put a chill on bedroom performance.

It can be harder to get an erection when you’re cold, since your internal organs are selfishly hogging all the blood.

It can even be harder to reach a happy ending, because without that blood, your nerves don’t feel as sensitive.

How To Make Your Penis Bigger in Winter (Yes, “Winter Penis” IS Real)

It Doesn’t End There…

So what’s a guy to do?

Well, first off, understand that this is a totally normal thing and it’s happening to every single male human until the spring thaw.

That’s right—every single dude in this club has got to wrangle with the winter penis. And most women are familiar with the concept of shrinkage, so don’t feel too self-conscious.

Plus, there are things you can do to keep winter penis at bay!

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The steps are really easy. If you’re planning a romantic evening, give the heat a little bump.

You can also dress in warm layers to keep your core warm so there’s more blood to spare down south.

And remember, you can always get some help when it comes to getting the blood flowing.

Here’s what I mean:

How To Make Your Penis Bigger in Winter (Yes, “Winter Penis” IS Real)
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How To Boost Your Bloodflow & Make the Most Out of What You Have *Down There*…

The fact that your penis shrinks up to 30% during winter may seem pretty alarming…

… but remember, it’s happening to every other guy out there too, and there are things you can do to reverse it.

For example, pump up your bloodflow!

You could do jumping jacks every morning, or get some cardio in at the gym…

This will give you a temporary bloodflow boost, which can help make your penis feel fuller right after you do it.

But honestly?

I do NOT recommend you rely on this. It’s temporary, and it’s a lot of work.

And in reality, there’s a much easier way to boost your bloodflow more permanently… and keep your penis feeling fuller all winter long:

Skip the cardio, and eat these 5 bloodflow-boosting foods.

These foods open up your blood vessels, and give your heart the energy it needs to pump blood to your extremities… (including your penis)

… and so when you eat them, you’ll feel fuller *down there*… which can really help get rid of any winter “shrinkage” you might be experiencing.

Plus, I’ve heard these foods can help you blow bigger loads too! ?

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[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on January 24, 2021.]

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