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How to Easily Tell Which Girls Are Good in Bed… Plus Sex in Space and More…

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There’s one thing you should ALWAYS be looking at when you’re talking to women, if you want to know whether she likes you or not.

It’s her feet…

No… this isn’t my way of telling you that I love sucking on toes.

There’s something that women do with their feet (which they can’t really control, for the most part) that indicates if they’re into you or not. 

Women are constantly dropping subtle unconscious signs if they’re into you. 

Most of these signs are pretty easy to spot IF (and only if) you know what you’re looking for. 

But this foot indicator is the one I ALWAYS look for.

Knowing how to read a girl’s body is more important than ever in 2020!

Especially now everyone is wearing a mask in public. It’s not always easy to read a girl, and see if she’s into you. 
This is why being able to read body language is so important.

Plus… knowing if a chick is into you or not essentially 100% eliminates your chances of getting rejected…

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