#datingadvice | How to Take Home a Younger Woman (Videos)

Like most guys, I’m a big fan of dating younger women.

They’re more modern… more open-minded… and generally just a lot more fun.

But a lot of guys are afraid to pursue younger women because they’re afraid they’ll come off as “creepy” or too “forward.”

And the truth is, I used to be this way myself. I know it isn’t easy.

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Hi, I’m Craig Miller. A while ago, I sent out an email asking for your single most pressing question you had about sex & dating.

My mentors and I have been answering your questions in a series of videos — and today, I want to give you a “comprehensive guide” of sorts:

I’m going to show you everything you need to know about how to attract & take home a hot, younger woman.

Why Are Younger Women Secretly Dying to Date Older Men?

In case you don’t have time for the video:

  • Even though a lot of younger women want older men… not every younger woman wants an older guy. And some can be scared off by their friends, family, etc.’s expectations.
  • The good news is that as you get older, there are more and more younger women who will potentially be into you. And as you present yourself as a distinguished, older guy, you’ll find that a lot more younger women are into you than you might think.
  • Women are attracted to experience. They want men who are experienced emotionally… financially… and most importantly, sexually. Give the impression that you’re experienced, and don’t shy away from your sexual interest in her.
  • “Look young, act young.” Don’t talk about the stock market or “boring” things, talk about things that a younger woman might be interested in. Don’t use “dad lines” or other corny angles. Be a guy she’d be interested in naturally.

So now that you know most younger women are interested in dating older men… how do you know which younger women are interested in you?

I always struggled with this, since I’d be talking to a girl… things would seem like they were “okay, but not great”… she’d leave, and my female friends would say, “Oh my god! She was totally into you? Didn’t you ask her out?”

Haha… what? How could they tell this? I was definitely clueless… so I started following that up with four simple words that changed my life:

“What do you mean?”

Yeah, I was “that guy.” I made my female friends tell me, in excruciating detail, what made them think a girl was into me.

I made a running list… I know, kinda nerdy, but over time, I figured out which signs meant a girl was actually interested in me… and which ones just meant she was “being polite.”

And 3 of the most reliable signs she’s into you I’ve found have to do with very specific things she’ll show or do to  you:

How she looks at you

How she “accidentally” touches you

And even weird things like how she angles part of her body.

Once you know these, it takes all the guesswork out of trying to figure out “Is she into me? Or not?”

And it works great on younger girls.

You can check all of them out here:

3 Subtle “Clues” a Hot Younger Girl is Into You…

If You’re Feeling Rusty–What’s the Best Way to Get Back in the Game?

Here’s the Cliff’s Notes Version if You’re Pressed For Time:

  • Join meetup groups. These are groups on sites like meetup.com where like-minded folks get together to talk about or do something. And if you have single friends, enlist their help too as wingmen.
  • Talk to everyone… and don’t try to pick up anyone for a while. Just get used to social circumstances again. Hear the sound of your voice… get used to it interacting with a hot woman’s voice. When you’re comfortable with that… then you can start going in with romantic intentions.
  • And once you talk to girls… remember how fun it is. It’s not “high-stakes”–you’re just talking to another human being, so have some fun with it!
  • Join a few classes where you can start interacting with women again. You’ll learn a skill, improve yourself, and meet new people again.

This video makes me think… I often wonder why meeting & approaching women is easier for me these days… than back when I got instant endless rejections.

And I’ve finally figured out the one big reason:

Previously — I had no way to anticipate or predict what a woman wanted me to say or do on a date.

Feeling uncertain about yourself creates a lot of anxiety. And women can smell it. That’s why younger women will often dismiss older men & walk away.

So as you may have guessed, when I found a way to predict a woman’s wants & needs… without having to ask her or play any weird “mind games”… I was able to sleep with a lot more women, a lot faster.

(And I almost never had to worry about rejection either).

How? I used this ultimate guide of “Big Data” secrets:

Get the “Big Data” Secrets That Reveal What Women Really Want…

The Easiest Way to Get a Younger Woman In Bed…

Here’s the “quick start guide”:

  • Don’t be so quick to leave a conversation with a girl. One sign of “disinterest” doesn’t mean it’s over. You need to stick with it until either she leaves, or flat out tells you to go away. Persistence is key!
  • Women want you to talk to them… escalate… and make things sexual. But society tells them they have to be respected too. So it’s a tough balance to strike, both being in charge, and making a woman feel like her opinion is respected too. She secretly wants you to be in charge… all while saying, “Don’t dominate me!”
  • Don’t be ashamed of your sexual desires. Stop trying to meet thousands of girls online, get out there, and talk to women.
  • And put all of this great free knowledge to good use! Get out and try the countless techniques, tips, and tricks on Gotham Club. Don’t be afraid to test a few things out–figure out what works best for you.
  • When you do go to take her home, know that she wants to be sexual. She wants to be dominated and try new things… and you need to play that role of the dominant older guy who’ll tell her what to do in bed. She secretly craves this… but afterward you want her to know you respect her as a person and a woman as well…

My older buddies often ask me:

“Man, younger women are so damn hot… but the stuff they want in bed? F’in insane. How the hell am I supposed to keep up with them? Take a prescription or what???”

And every time, I tell them the same thing:

“Sketchy prescriptions & weird ‘drugs’? F**k that, man. All you’ve gotta do is eat the Exotic Sex Snack before your date.”

Yeah, I know — “Exotic Sex Snack” might sound kinda funny… but the world’s oldest pornstar swears by it (and he’s in his 70’s).

He first discovered it while fighting in Vietnam… and these hot Vietnamese girls kept chasing him down… begging him to have an orgy…

He said “No” at first to be “professional”… but one night some locals made him this weird dish, served in a simple copper pot… and a few minutes later, he was rock hard *down there*.

(So when the hot village girls found him like that… he finally gave in… & pleasured each and every one of them, aaaall night long.)

It was only later that he discovered the “Exotic Sex Snack” isn’t really “exotic” after all… it’s just a combination of these 5 basic foods, that you probably already have at home…

Man, I never would have put them together… but my buddies & I all agree, the “Exotic Sex Snack” f’in rocks:

Get the Exotic Sex Snack to Get & Stay Rock Hard as Long as You Want (Better Than Prescriptions!)…

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