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How To Tell If a Shy Girl Likes You Or Is Just Being Nice — See Straight Into Her Mind & Discover The Truth…

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Getting into another person’s head is one of the trickiest things about dating.

And shy people are especially complicated!

What does it mean when a woman says this, or does that?

Is she flirting, or just being friendly?

How can you spot the signs…??

You’ve probably met the “famous flirt”:

The woman who flirts with everyone, even if it doesn’t mean anything.

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But a shy woman will not behave that way.

She’ll tell you she’s interested in less obvious ways…

…ways you might miss, if you don’t know what to look for.

But never fear: I’ve explained it all here.

We asked our top experts about the bizarre things shy girls do when they like a guy–the things that most guys miss every single day.

So consider this your shy-girl study guide, designed to expand your dating options.

Because at the end of the day, shy girls show you their interest in some very surprising ways.

Here’s what to look for:

1) She Does THIS With Her Eyes & Mouth…

If a shy girl looks at you, that’s one thing.

But if she looks at you and she smiles… then that’s an invitation to interact with her.

It means:

“I wouldn’t mind saying hello to that guy!”

A shy woman isn’t going to hand out smiles like candy.

She’ll save them for when it counts.

If she smiles at you, it could be a sign she’s interested.


Shy people are usually introverts.

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According to experts, introverts lose energy when they socialize.

On the other hand, extroverts get more energy when they spend time with people.

While a shy woman might enjoy going to parties, she probably feels tired afterward.

If she’s smiling at you, she wants to spend some of that precious energy on you.

2) She Acts a Little Strange…

If a shy girl acts kind of awkward around you, it might mean she likes you.

Wait… awkwardness is a good thing?

Yes! Well… sometimes!

Shy women often overthink their words and actions.

Maybe after a conversation with a new guy, she goes home and worries:

“Did I say something silly?”

This is extra true if she has a crush on you. 😉

A shy woman will put a lot of pressure on herself to act cool when she interacts with her crush.

The result? She acts awkward.

Maybe she stammers, blushes, or giggles a lot.

It could mean she cares a lot about what you think of her.

3) She Does This to You Online…

A shy woman might write you messages, like and share your posts online, or send you lots of texts–even if she acts quiet and reserved around you in person.

That can be a major sign she likes you!

Maybe you meet someone online and hit it off. But when you get together in person, she seems nervous or quiet.

Could be she’s just shy.

Shy women feel less nervous when they aren’t talking face-to-face.

They are often self-conscious, so if you can’t see her, she feels freer to flirt over text, email, Facebook, etc.

Don’t give up on your shy girl!

Enjoy the feisty woman that comes out online.

Shy people warm up and get comfortable after a while. That’s when you’ll see her more sexual side in person. 😉

4) She Asks You These Kinds of Questions…

If a shy girl asks you questions about yourself, then she might be interested in you.

Especially if she doesn’t say much about herself.

I repeat:

Shy women are self-conscious.

They feel less pressure when they don’t have to perform.

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That means a shy lady might not say much about herself.

Instead, she asks you questions–she wants to know all about you!

That’s a good sign. If you can recognize her questions as flirtation, you’ll score extra dates.

Of course, as she gets more comfortable, she’ll want to share more about herself.

But at first, questions could be a sign she’s hoping for more than just talk.

5) She Touches You Like This…

A shy lady might not fling her arms around you the moment you walk in the door.

Instead, she might stand close to you when talking…

She might lean in your direction…

Maybe she puts a hand on your arm or shoulder or waist…

…or, in a loud room, she leans close to your ear to talk.

Shy people are very picky about personal space.

She probably won’t touch you playfully, unless she really likes you.

Still, I know these signs can be difficult to pick up on (but more on that in a sec).

So in the meantime, here’s another little-known sign to watch out for:

6) What Happens When She’s Drinking…

A shy girl might act “friendlier” toward you after one or two drinks.

This doesn’t mean she has a drinking problem!

According to a recent study, alcohol makes women less shy when it comes to talking and thinking about sex.

So if she’s interested in you, she might be more likely to admit it after a drink or three.

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Of course, we’re not advising you to get a girl drunk to find out if she likes you.

However, if you have a glass of wine together… and maybe she starts smiling more, or touching your arm… then that’s a sign it might be time to line up a date.

But how do you know for sure if she likes you before you ask her out?

Is there a way?

As it turns out, the answer is “yes”… and here’s what it is:

shy girl
7) If She REALLY Wants to Sleep With You… She’ll Do THIS…

This final sign is the most subtle… but if you see it, then it’s almost a sure bet she wants to sleep with you. 🙂

This is true even if she’s acted “cold” toward you in the past…

And even if she’s “taken,” or she’s never spoken a single word to you…

If you see her do this, not only has she thought about having sex with you… but she probably obsesses over it…

… and chances are she’s just waiting for the “right moment” to ask you to hang out, or is secretly wishing you’d make a move. 😉

Unfortunately, because this sign is so subtle, it’s pretty easy to miss…

So Gotham Club’s founder, Craig, filmed this short, free video to show you what it is:

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[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on August 16, 2020.]

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