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How to Match With Younger Women Online… Plus Blindfolds, Polyamory and More…

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  1. Did you know that Polyamorous is from the Greek for “many” and Latin for “lovers,” so it literally means “many lovers”? I thought this study on 7 Things to Expect from a Polyamorous Relationship was interesting… and hot...
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  3. Now that we’re doing more video dating, researchers are studying how long it takes before you can tell on a video date if you would have chemistry with someone… How long would you guess it takes before you both decide you want to f**k?
  4. Here’s something to have fun with this weekend… Break Out The Blindfold: How To Indulge Her SUPER Kinky Fantasy.
  5. Hot for teacher? Here’s how to impress her…
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Gotham Gold Picks -- How To Land ANY Younger Woman on Tinder or Bumble

You Wouldn’t Build a House Without a Blueprint… So Why Message Hot Girls Online Without THIS?

It amazes me how many guys go online without ANY plan and expect to get hot girls.

After all… if you were building a house… you wouldn’t want to just “wing it,” right?

Kinda hammer some boards together here… add a wood screw or two there… 

…and you’d probably end up with a pretty sh*tty house (lol).

You definitely wouldn’t get the result you desired.

Well, like shelter, s*x is one of your “core needs.”

And unfortunately, a lot of guys go into dating apps thinking they can just kinda “wing it” and expect to get results.

F**k that, man!

Instead of using “your best guess”… and trying out what you think works to get laid online…

Why not follow this tried-and-true, proven “Get Laid On Apps Blueprint” instead?

It shows you the exact words, phrases, and lines that work to get guys laid online and on apps…

(Plus a lot of other helpful tips and tricks that keep her around after the first date if you want, too).

It makes getting laid on apps super simple — just follow this “Blueprint” and you’re good-to-go.

Best of all, few guys know about this. So all of the lines, tips, and tricks are things that she’s never heard before.

I have a free video that will show you everything about this “Get Laid On Apps Blueprint”… and some of the best tips and tricks from it…

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