#datingadvice | (New Study) Meditate Your Way to Harder Erections (In 3 EASY Steps)

How to Unlock the Power of Your Mind to Get Better Boners… 

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Strong and durable erections (aka perfect hard-ons) are what almost every man dreams of. 

(Just so you know, it’s what we women dream of, too.  We dream of what you will do to us with them…)

Unfortunately, they’re not always attainable, even to perfectly healthy younger men.

A highly demoralizing (and embarrassing — though here’s why it shouldn’t be) problem that affects about one-third of all men at some point in their lives.

And although it is mostly associated with older men, erectile dysfunction is increasingly affecting younger men too. 

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One recent study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (so you know this is serious stuff) indicates that 26% of men below 40 suffer from some form of ED.

There are, of course, several factors that may contribute to erectile dysfunction – or dissatisfaction. The main culprits, however, are stress and anxiety, according to research.

Forget what you heard on those crappy, conspiracy theory-fueled YouTube channels, your soggy noodle problems have nothing to do with chemicals in the water or your porn addiction. 

It is (usually) psychological.

And psychological problems require psychological solutions…

Discover how to maximize the power of your mind and unlock stronger, longer lasting erections — the kind that will bring all the hot girls to your yard bed:

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1) Sensory Awakening: The Bedtime Prep

This is a visualization exercise that helps you become more aware of your partner’s presence, and consequently stimulates your whole being.

It’s best done just before you jump into bed — of course, after letting your lady know what you’re about to do. (Just tell her how hard it will keep you, and she’ll be way into it…) 

Here’s how to do the Sensory Awakening Exercise for Sex:

Step 1: Take a few deep breaths — basically slowly breath in, hold it for a few seconds, then exhale and inhale again after several seconds. 

As you do so, let your mind focus on each of your senses, namely: touch, smell, sight, sound and taste. 

Step 2: Try to forget all the past moments (or any problems troubling you) and just focus on the present moment. Focus on how you are feeling at that moment.

How sensually attractive your partner is… 

The smell of their skin… 

How HARD you want to enjoy this moment with them… 

Step 3:  Take another deep breath and visualize a jolt of energy flowing through your body. 

The idea is to “charge” your body with much-needed energy to power you through the hot sex session to follow. 

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Step 4: Envision your ideal sexual experience — I mean, what music you would want to be playing in the background, how you’d want your partner to be, and your fantasy setting. 

This not only gets you more turned on (which leads to…a boner!) but also gives you a clue on specific things to do to make your experience better. 

Step 5: Take another long, deep breath and focus on letting go of all your inhibitions and performance anxiety. 

Basically, give yourself permission to have fun and give your all to your partner. 

2) Rhythmic Breathing Exercise: For Better Control

It’s really hard to relax and get into the moment (AND maintain a strong boner) when you’re about banging the hot girl you’ve been chasing for months.

But listen, being anxious about THE MOMENT you’ve been waiting for won’t do you any favors… 

But I’m sure you know that already, so I’ll jump right to the solution: 

Rhythmic breathing exercises, coupled with mindfulness, help you overcome stage fright, get more blood to your penis, and satisfy both your lady and your ego. 

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So, a few moments before you get the party started, get into a calm, quiet place (you can duck into the bathroom, or run to the kitchen to get her a glass of wine…) and do the following:

  • Inhale long and deep, then slowly exhale. Repeat several times until you feel yourself relaxing.
  • Take a break for a few seconds.
  • Now, inhale slowly to a count of five. Hold the air in for another five seconds then slowly exhale it over a similar period.
  • As you exhale, stay mindful of how your body relaxes and focus your mind on relaxing even more.
  • Repeat the whole process until you feel more calm, and “free” after which you can now get back to your not, naked, waiting partner…
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3) Mental Muscle Relaxation 

Before starting on this technique, there’s something I think we should talk about. You may already know this, but it’s relevant:

Anxiety and stress put the body in a fight-or-flee mode, which leads to constricted muscles around the penis. 

The ensuing limited bloodflow makes it difficult to achieve or maintain full erections.

One trick that worked for the last guy I was with involved combining both mental and physical relaxation for a more holistic effect.

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Basically, adopt the classic meditation pose and gradually goad your mind to calm down and focus wholly on yourself and your breathing patterns.

Take several deep breaths coupled with deep exhalations, as you did with the previous meditation techniques. 

Now this time, while doing so, take mental note of the areas you feel some tension or cramping, like the back of your neck. 

Now, regulate your breathing pattern with the aim of loosening up these “tight” areas. For instance, slowly rotate your head (not neck) in smooth, circular motions 2-3 times. 

You may also try rolling your shoulders in front and backward circles a couple times, followed by several deep breaths. 

It may also help you attain a more level-headed space to visualize a sensually pleasant thought (such as how good your partner smells) after doing the breathing exercises. 

The aim is to get ALL your muscles to relax and allow free flow of blood — which will eventually find its way to your penis. 

Keep This In Mind… 

If you don’t have any other underlying health conditions, the above techniques will most likely help you attain diamond-hard boners. 

But one thing you should know is; it’s probably not gonna work the first time! 

…especially if you have a wandering mind. 

So, try to practice the meditation technique you choose on a regular basis, so your brain can learn to be mindful and relaxant at all times, which will come in very handy when you need a quick boner. 

But if you don’t have time to meditate, and your girl is wet and ready…

Don’t miss out on this final tips for better boners…

Steroids For Your Boner?

Studies say that the #1 cause of not being able to get hard when you want — is mental.

In fact, mental blocks count for somewhere around 40-50% of all cases of “limp d!ck”.

Meditating, relaxing and exercise ALL work… with time…

But what if you can’t wait?

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