#datingadvice | Plan a Kickass First Date (A Step-By-Step Guide)

How to plan a date that’s virtually GUARANTEED to get you laid tonight

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Hey guys, it’s Craig with this week’s challenge: plan a first date with a girl you just met.

Planning a date with someone new can be tough, so here are some of the best tips from across Gotham Club.

We’re going to discuss destinations, conversations, and how to get her back to your place.

So let’s dive right in.

Step One: Location, Location, Location

As my buddy Ariel mentions in this article, masculine decisiveness is super attractive to top calibre women. So you should do the planning.

First, what type of girl is she?

Is she a fancy, Louis Vuitton type? Take her to a classy speakeasy or restaurant and dress well.

Does she give off the “I had 4 brothers” vibe? Take her to a more low key spot and dress casual.

Pro Tip: Plan on multiple locations. For example, after dinner you can take her to a cool bar you know in the neighborhood.

Multiple locations puts her mind at ease because it gives her the impression that she knows you better than she actually does.

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Plan on locations that are close to your house or apartment — you’ll see why that’s important later.

Step Two: Plan the Conversation

Trent Jones provides some awesome first date convo tips in this article here. Here are the highlights:

1.Do your homework!

Review your texts with her and take note of anything such as likes and dislikes, her family, pets, etc. Use these as conversation points.

2. Flatter her

She’s probably nervous, so flattering her will help her feel more confident and increase her comfort level.

3. Be Consistent

If you met online, be consistent with your online profile.

Craig’s Challenge: Plan a Kickass First Date (A Step-By-Step Guide)

Step Three: Seal the Deal

If she’s flirting with you and laughing at your jokes, she’s probably interested in sleeping with you.

Here’s what you do:

Early in the night, mention something at your place that’s interesting. It could be your new puppy, a painting you’re just finishing, or a new guitar.

Towards the end of the night, get her to your place by asking if she wants to come check it out (whatever *it* is). 

For example you could say, “Hey, I live just a couple blocks away, you wanna go play with the puppy?”

If she agrees to go back to your place and she’s been flirting with you, you’ll almost definitely at least hook up with her — even if you don’t end up having sex.

Marie Fitzgerald provides 11 more great tips on how to seal the deal on the first date here.

Craig’s Challenge: Plan a Kickass First Date (A Step-By-Step Guide)

Don’t wait for the second date to get laid…

A few days ago I went out with a very conservative girl I met on Tinder…

She told me she hadn’t slept with many men, she wasn’t looking for anything casual, and she has NEVER put out on the first date…

Challenge accepted. ?

Something about this girl made me want to corrupt her, so I did everything I could to make sure s*x would happen THAT night…

Despite whatever beliefs she had about s*x before…

Well I was wrong… I didn’t have her in bed that night…

Because within 2 hours of meeting her we were in my elevator going back to my place… while she pawed at my junk like she was a racoon and I was a trashcan full of leftovers.

Despite being inexperienced (and against having s*x on the first date) this woman and I were in my bed before the sun even began to set.

And we didn’t get out of bed until WAY after the sun had risen the next morning. 

What did I do? 

I used my touch to get her WILDLY turned on.

You see… Most guys think that arousal for women is only mental, and that if you can say the right words you’re going to get her into bed. 

This isn’t really true…

Women need to be physically AND mentally turned on to hop into bed with you…

When you touch a woman in the right places, at the right time, she will get physically turned on, and dripping wet like a leaky faucet…

From there it’s easy to make s*x happen fast — no matter how conservative, shy, or religious a woman is.

Don’t focus on what to say… instead focus on where to touch her. 

Aim for physical arousal before mental arousal. 

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