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What Does an Orgasm in the Brain REALLY Look Like? Science Has the Surprising Answer…

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The female orgasm: forever a mystery…

Or is it?

If you can understand how the female orgasm works, giving one to the woman you’re with becomes a piece of cake…though understanding every nuance of a woman’s pleasure can often feel intimidating.

To add an extra complication to an already complicating subject, one new study is flipping the idea of the female orgasm on its head…even comparing it to a “sexual trance.”

So what exactly is happening when a woman has an orgasm? Is she truly in a trance — in an altered state of consciousness? And if so, is there a way to trigger that state?

Today, I’m giving you all the answers you need to a) get to the bottom of this, and b) give her a mindblowing orgasm…tonight.

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What Exactly Is a “Sexual Trance”?

If you pictured a woman with her arms out in front of her, chasing you screaming, “F–K ME F–K ME!” when you read “sexual trance”…I honestly can’t blame you.

Though according to this new study published in Socioaffective Neuroscience & Psychology, every woman enters a state of “sexual trance” when she has an orgasm.

The author of the study, Adam Safron, took a bit of a different approach than most researchers currently studying the female orgasm tend to take:

He wanted to know why orgasms feel the way they feel, as opposed to why we experience orgasms (the topic of most orgasm-related studies).

And what Safron found is that when you have an orgasm, it’s quite similar to being in a trance:

Sex is a source of pleasurable sensations and emotional connection, but beyond that, it’s actually an altered state of consciousness.”

So why is an orgasm like an “altered state of consciousness”? It all boils down to the rhythm of your brain.

During an orgasm, your brain enters a sort of “sexual trance,” in which the same neurons are being stimulated in the same patterns in your brain, over and over.

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This focuses your attention on only the sensations you are experiencing during the orgasm — which is why a lot of people describe having “little to no control” over their bodies when they reach an orgasmic state.

So when a woman has an orgasm, she enters this altered state of consciousness — this “sexual trance” — and it lasts as long as the orgasm does.

It’s not a science fiction, “woo woo” concept.

Every woman who’s ever had an orgasm has also been in a “sexual trance.”

Which brings me to my next point…

Study: Doing This Puts Her in a "Sexual Trance"

What This Study Is Actually Saying…

Because so little literature exists about the reason orgasms feel the way they feel, this study is the beginning of a long investigation…and it leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

For example:

  • How long does this “sexual trance” state last?
  • Does it feel the same for women and men?
  • Is there a way prolong it for longer, ecstasy-like orgasms?

And so on.

But it does answer one important question…and that’s how to trigger any woman into a “sexual trance” state of mind.

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How to Put Any Woman Into a “Sexual Trance”

The main takeaway of the study is this:

It IS possible to “hypnotize” a woman into a “sexual trance”…the key is to use your body.

According to the study, when a woman experiences “rhythmic sexual activity,” that’s when her brain begins to enter a more “rhythmic” or “trance-like” state…

And that’s how you can get her into a “sexual trance.”

So when you’re in bed with her, try moving as rhythmically as possible…keep the pace going and look at her face.

If she starts closing her eyes…breathing heavier…arching her back…

Those are all signs she’s about to enter a sexual trance.

If you can’t tell if she likes it, try increasing or decreasing your pace…usually she’ll let you know how fast or slow she wants it.

And if you put her into a “sexual trance” you can take it one step further…so she becomes borderline “addicted” to you…and wants to f–k whenever YOU want.

Study: Doing This Puts Her in a "Sexual Trance"

Sexual Interest Is Not The Key Factor In Women’s Sexual Arousal

A study detailed in The Archives of Sexual Behavior found that there are many factors that impact sexual arousal, and sexual interest is not always one of them.

They studied 80 women in small focus groups and found that sexual interest sometimes caused arousal, while other times interest followed arousal.

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What this means is that even if a woman isn’t initially aroused during foreplay, don’t panic–it’s totally normal. Similarly, if you can physically turn a woman on when you’re with her, then she’s more likely to develop a romantic interest in you later on down the line.

Ultimately, you can use this information to your advantage and drive her crazy in bed by getting her excited, which will then increase her attraction to you.

Women’s Sexual Arousal: The specific factors that affect a woman’s sexual arousal

The Female Orgasm Remains Elusive: Determinants of Orgasm Vary Greatly From Woman To Woman

A long-term study conducted by researchers at the Population Research Institute (Family Federation of Finland) found that women’s frequencies and capacities to achieve orgasm varied greatly from individual to individual.

They used surveys and panels to arrive at these results. If you’re finding it hard to make a woman orgasm, try asking her what really gets her going.

Likewise, be aware that many women also love to see their partners orgasm, so an equal give-and-take relationship is the key to mind-blowing sex.

The Female Orgasm: What determines a woman’s ability to orgasm

Still curious on how to blow her mind in bed? Check out this quick step-by-step guide.

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Pornstar Edyn Blair: “How to Get Me C–K Drunk on YOU” (Warning: NSFW!)

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