#datingadvice | The 3 Levels Of Female Orgasm & How to Instantly Trigger Them For MAX Pleasure (From Hot Pornstar Dee Siren)

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Hey, it’s Monika, Gotham Club’s Managing Editor.

I’m very excited to announce that we’re running a brand-new series where adult film stars get to answer Gotham Club readers’ most burning sex & relationship-related questions.

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Yes, that’s right(!).

We asked pornstars the questions you’ve been dying to have answered…. and they really delivered.

So today, Dee Siren is answering a question from Gotham Club readers.

Dee Siren is a prolific star in the industry, is a co-CEO with her husband Wayne Siren, and together they run Siren XXX Studios.

Recently, Dee announced that she’s stepping into a mentorship role in the adult community and has contributed to XCritic’s new series, X-Mentors. She has also recently launched her YouTube channel.

And today, Dee is answering the following question for you:

What’s your secret to intense orgasms (for both male and female stars)?”

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Catch The Full Q&A Session Below…

 Dee Siren: “I have 3 levels of orgasm. 

The first is very easy for me to reach from sucking on my tongue, rubbing my clit, kissing, body rubs, to gentle penetration. 

Almost anything can make me squirt. 

(Being able to stay rock hard for a good long while is also a great way to make me orgasm again and again)

I don’t need much to reach this level of orgasm. 

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My second level of orgasm is more intense and only happens when I am penetrated with an object or penis. 

This requires grinding deep and hip thrusting to the point when I take control of the motions, and I open my eyes.

I also become more active and vocal. 


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My third level and most difficult level of orgasm is extremely intense and complex.

I make crazy growling noises which sounds to some like I am in labor. 

This is only reached if the toy is large or the penis is very big and can go very deep inside of me. 

It hits my G-spot and then I finally reach a level where I am so relaxed that the penetration feels like an internal massage. 

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I am in my own world where nothing around me even matters, nor am I aware of what is happening. 

It is total release. 

I have completely given myself over to the experience and it is euphoric to me. 

Not many can get me to this level but if they can then it is difficult for me to give those toys up.”

And while it’s true that many women need a man of a “certain size” to feel orgasms that intense… if you have the right technique under your belt, it’s actually a lot easier than you may realize.

Here’s what I mean:

This technique is perfect for screaming orgasms…

“What If You Don’t Have a Monster Dong??”

This third level of orgasm is often the hardest to reach if you’re “average” or even slightly above-average *down there*…

… because like Dee said, you need a particularly large penis to pull it off…

… or at least that’s what I used to think too, until I experienced this fingering technique. ←

(^^^Literally the easiest way to give women INTENSE, explosive O’s… speaking from personal experience!!)

Before experiencing this move, I used to NEVER climax before actual penetration…

… because most guys just do the two fingers in, “come hither” technique… which feels great

… though it’s usually not enough to make me (or most women) come.

But this technique? OMG!

It makes me climax in minutes… usually gives me “waves” of multiple O’s (once the first one hits, the next ones just keep coming… *mmmm*)

And as an added perk, this will make the actual penetration feel better for YOU too… since her her muscles will contract so she’ll feel REALLY tight…

This short, video tutorial from a Tantric Master will show you exactly how it’s done:

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P.S. If you don’t position your fingers juuuuuuust right you can actually hurt her(!)… so make sure you watch the video from start to finish before you try it. 🙂


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