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Masculinity gets a lot of attention these days.

Bloggers are endlessly talking about it. The media, Hollywood, Twitter, and other mainstream sources of information have been flooded with talk about this topic over the last few years.

In my opinion, it’s great that more and more men are seriously considering their own inner masculinity and attempting to improve themselves to foster better relationships. 

However, society has set up a number of “myths” surrounding masculinity that are far worse than simply not helpful.

Instead, these myths are actually harmful to a guy’s shot with women!

The media has been telling men they should behave in these particular ways that actually make it very difficult for the guy to just relax and enjoy himself.

This is particularly true of the ideal of James Bond and other Hollywood strong, silent types. 

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So today we’re going to talk about some of these misconceptions and why these falsehoods can lead to stress in your relationships.

Plus, I’ll walk you through how you can turn your rigid focus on being a manly man so that you can transform yourself into a fun-loving guy that women love to be around and men want to be like — without needing to sacrifice your masculinity at all.

So let’s begin.

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She Doesn’t ACTUALLY Want A Bad Boy…

You think she wants a bad boy…

She thinks she wants a bad boy.  

You’re both wrong. 

I’ve gotten a ton of slack from both men and women (especially men) telling me things like “Magic, of course she wants a bad boy. I know PLENTY of women who f**k guys who are total losers and assh*les.”

I’ll get to that in a second, but like I just mentioned both you and her are wrong if you think she wants a bad boy….

But you can’t exactly tell her she’s wrong… you have to show her that what she REALLY wants (and needs) is YOU. 

You see… women THINK they want a bad boy because bad boys are good at eliciting emotions, and while a woman may end up sleeping or even dating a bad boy every now and then…

They tend to either just have one night stands with guys like this, or leaving them REALLY quickly once they realize he’s more of a headache than he’s worth. 

Now… it’s not that hard to demonstrate you’re the kind of guy she really wants.

Like i mentioned above you just have to make her FEEL the same kinds of emotions bad boys would make her feel… that will put you on a pedestal in her eyes. 

These 3 dead simple techniques will convince her that you’re the guy for her… 

That you have something to offer her… 

In fact you have everything to offer her… 

It doesn’t matter if you’re shaped like a bowling ball or living on your best friend’s jizz stained couch… 

Like i mentioned before bad boys do get laid, I’m not going to deny that, but their success only lasts for so long.

If you can bring out those emotions, without being a total d**k you’ll get laid more AND have women stick around. 

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