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How to Get a Mentor… Find the Perfect One For YOU…

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Hey guys, it’s Craig with this week’s challenge: I want you to find a mentor. 

So, first off, what is a mentor? 

Essentially, it’s someone that you can go to for help when you’re not exactly sure how to solve a problem on your own. 

Someone you can bounce ideas off of and get advice on things like talking to girls, how to dress, and sex tips.

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It should be someone you admire and respect.

Typically this will be someone a little bit older and more seasoned than you, but that’s not necessarily true. 

That sounds great… but…

How should you go about getting a mentor?

How to Find the Mentor That’s Right for YOU

Finding a mentor should be a personal experience. And in today’s pandemic-stricken world, your best bet is probably going to be online and on social media.

Who do you admire on Twitter or LinkedIn? 

Who’s articles and newsletters do you keep coming back to read week after week?

Identify your mentor by finding someone you respect and trust and simply reach out to them.

In your pitch, let them know how much you admire them and ask if they would be able to offer you guidance on a regular basis. 

Ask them for specific guidance, don’t be vague. For example, you might ask them for advice on what to wear on a first date in the city. 

As with most things in life, the worst thing that could happen is for them to say no.

The Ultimate Mentor is Right Under Your Nose

Without needing to go through all the trouble of finding a mentor out in the world, you can access tons of information from the gurus here at Gotham Club.

You can easily find hundreds of articles and videos on what to wear, what women want, how to be better in bed, and much more.

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Let Me Mentor You On How to Go From Introvert to “Seductive and Silent”…

Introverts have it tough…

We live in a society where you’re actually rewarded for being an extrovert, and seen as outgoing and social.

Whereas introverts are seen as antisocial and awkward. But that’s not always the case…

There are plenty of cases of introverts getting the kinds of women that are the inspiration for many wet dreams.

But how do they pull it off, when everything we were ever taught tells us that the introvert doesn’t get the girl?

They use non-verbal communication…

They use their body language to posture themselves in a way that communicates you’re a big deal… that you’re a catch, and she’d be lucky to be with you.

They also strategically use their touch. 

Touch is the gateway to all physical contact.

That includes hand holding, kissing, cuddling, and s*x. 

When you know how to communicate with your body…

When you know how to DEMONSTRATE that you’re a catch…

That you’re bold…

And that you have everything a woman wants then there’s no need to be funny, entertaining, the center of attention or anything like that.

It’s actually a hell of a lot easier to get laid, or to find a girlfriend than most guys think…

And from my experience touch is by far the fastest and most effective way for introverts to get their foot in the door, and compete with extroverts on a level playing field. 

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