#datingadvice | This One Easy Task Can Make You 10X Attractive to Hot Girls

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Hey guys, it’s Craig with this week’s challenge. 

This week, there’s one simple life hack that can make the difference between being a gross slob who makes women gag OR being an attractive guy she wants to sleep with.

Clean up! 

Your car.

Your room.


Truth is, when a hot girl walks into your room or you pick her up in your car, it makes a huge first impression on her.

It signals to her whether or not you’re capable of taking care of yourself.

And by extension, whether you can take care of her, too.

To a woman, a dirty room, dirty car, or dirty man makes her think of a 40 year old virgin living in his mom’s basement (even if you have a good job!).

How to Get Your Car “Like New” (And Hot Girls Chasing You)

Step one is throwing out anything that’s noticeably causing odor.

Girls aren’t going to make out with you after a date in the front seat if she can smell last week’s McDonald’s decaying in the back.

Next, remove any items you don’t need and either throw them away or bring them inside.

We all slowly start to live out of our cars, and as a result, we leave a ton of stuff in our cars like sneakers, jackets, blankets, coolers, etc.

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Get rid of it.

Next, take it to a car wash. Vacuum the inside. Wipe plastic surfaces with some ArmorAll wipes. Then give it a wash.

Do this whole process at least once a month.

Craig’s Challenge: This One Easy Task Can Make You 10X Attractive to Hot Girls

How to Keep Your Room Clean So Girls Will Want to Get Bent Over Your Bed

First, start with your bed. Wash the sheets. And YouTube how to make your bed properly (I prefer the “hospital corners” method). 

Like rockstar academic Jordan Peterson suggests, make your bed every morning and you can improve your life.

Next, similar to your car, toss all items you don’t need.

Vacuum once a week.

And put your laundry away or in the laundry basket (not all over your floor and furniture).

Keep floors, pathways, and surfaces clear from clutter and organized.

That’s it. Voila!

If you used to be a slob, I promise you, you just got 10X hotter to the opposite sex.

Craig’s Challenge: This One Easy Task Can Make You 10X Attractive to Hot Girls

How to Go From “Impressing Her” to Undressing Her…

Now that she’s over at your place… 

…she’s impressed by how tidy it is… 

…and knows you’re a man who can take charge and handle his own business… she’s absolutely going to be a lot more into you. 

In fact, for the right kind of girl… a clean place is an instant turn-on… and can actually make her kinda horny for you. 

So when that happens… you gotta know how to seal the deal. 

And the simplest way to do that… in a really “low-risk” sort of way… is these 3 touches. 

Each one escalates a bit more… and makes her hotter for you… but without corny “lines” or canned “routines.” 

And by the end of the third touch… she’ll be ready to push you down on the couch… straddle you… and ride you all night long. 

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