#datingadvice | This Secret “Calendar Trick” Shows You Exactly When Women Want Sex


How To Tell When Women Want Sex Using This Simple “Secret” — And Get Them in Bed Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible…

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Imagine if you could walk into a room, and instantly know which woman wants sex the most.

Wouldn’t that be great?

Because let’s face it–sometimes it’s really hard to tell.

Lots of women like to hide their sexual desires, because they’re afraid of coming across as “easy”… so figuring out when a woman wants to go home with you is pretty freaking hard these days.

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However, thanks to some clever producers on The Bachelor–there’s now a way to know when a woman wants sex. And it all starts with a simple calendar.

I’ll show you how this is possible, and what you can do to instantly know when a woman wants sex with you…

But first, a little backstory:

The Bizarre Secret Uncovered by The Producers of “The Bachelor”

Have you ever noticed that the women on The Bachelor can seem a bit “overdramatic”?

They often cry over the smallest things…

Get into tons of cat fights…

And generally speaking, they’re just super emotional.

Is this because The Bachelor only accepts women who are overly dramatic?

That’s what I used to personally believe… until I saw this.

Amy Kaufman, author of Bachelor Nation, recently revealed that the producers track the contestants’ cycles.

Yes, I’m talking about their periods.

Apparently, the producers were so set on getting the most emotionally intense clips, that they would wait until the women were PMS-ing or menstruating to provoke them.

So what? How does this help you?

Well, women’s sex drives change depending on where they are in her cycle too…

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And there’s one point, in particular, when women want sex the most.

So if you can figure out when this point is for a particular woman, you can easily predict when she’ll be craving sex with you.

How do you do it?

I’ll show you. ?

This Secret “Calendar Trick” Shows You Exactly When Women Want Sex

What Can You Learn From Tracking a Woman’s Cycle?

This point in a woman’s cycle when she wants sex the most is called “ovulation.”

It’s also when she’s the most fertile–biologically, her body is hardwired to crave sex at this point, because it’s when she’s most likely to get pregnant.

(Note: Always use protection!)

Most women ovulate about two weeks before they start their period.

And here’s why this matters:

If you can figure out when a woman has her period, then you can easily figure out when she’s ovulating, and is craving tons of hot, wild sex!

This means that you won’t have to work as hard to “seduce” her–as long as you’re ready and willing to do the dirty, then chances are she will be too.

But how exactly do you figure out when a woman has her period in the first place?

3 Easy Ways to Track a Woman’s Cycle (So You Know When She Wants Sex)

1) Look In The Trash

This might sound gross at first, but hear me out:

You won’t have to touch anything in the trash can… you just have to look.

If she wears pads or uses tampons, then chances are she throws the wrappers away in the trash can.

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So if you figure out when she has her period, then you can easily predict when she’s ovulating about two weeks before.

This Secret “Calendar Trick” Shows You Exactly When Women Want Sex

2) Connect To Her Apps

More and more women these days use apps to track their periods.

These include apps like Clue, Glow, myPill, and Virtual Nurse (among many others).

Now, I’m not advising you to go through her phone without permission–however, if you happen to see her using the app while you’re there, it might not hurt to sneak a peek.

You could even get curious and ask her what she’s doing! Chances are if she’s using the app around you, she’s comfortable enough to talk about it.

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This Secret “Calendar Trick” Shows You Exactly When Women Want Sex

3) Observe Her Behavior

Different women behave differently during different parts of their cycle–this is true.

However, there are some recurring behavior patterns that can help you figure out when she’s ovulating.

For example, lots of women become more emotionally sensitive during PMS. So if you notice she’s angrier, more upset, or generally sadder, then she may be going through PMS.

So what?

So, most women start PMS-ing about 5 to 11 days before their period. And because ovulation happens about 14 days before her period, then you can keep track of when she has PMS and figure out when she’s ovulating during her next cycle.

Ultimately, it can be super helpful to know when a hot woman wants sex… but you may still be wondering:

How do you get her in bed and “seal the deal”?

That’s what I want to show you next:

when women want sex

How To “Seal the Deal” When You Know She Wants Sex…

When my hot girlfriends and I are ovulating, it’s like we’re a bunch of sex-crazed nymphos who never want to leave the bedroom LOL… but there is one catch:

Most of the time, we still wait for the guy to make the first move.

And as a result, even when we’re craving sex deep down… we’ll probably act pretty “normal” around you… which begs the question:

When you know a woman is ovulating and wants sex… how do you make it happen?

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