#datingadvice | Valentine’s Day 2020: How To Get Laid (Whether You’re Single Or Not)


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Alone On Valentines Day? You Don’t Have to Be–Here’s How…

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Ah, the most dreaded holiday of the year for every red-blooded male… Valentine’s Day.

If you’re single, it’s yet another reminder of how alone you are. And if you’re taken, it’s like a freaking *rule* that you have to spend $200+ on mediocre food and drinks.

And after all that… you MIGHT get some action. Maybe.

I’m Glenn Pearce, and as a guy in my 40’s, I don’t put up with the same V-Day crap that I used to.

WARNING: These Shocking “Touch Tricks” Turn Hot Girls On & Make Them Want to Bang Your Brains Out (Don’t Use These Unless You Want Sex Right Away!)…

So with that in mind, I made 5 short videos — an “ultimate guide” of sorts — for you to navigate Valentine’s Day the way YOU want.

Ready for this year to be your best V-Day yet?

Let’s get started:


Valentine's Day 2020: How To Get Laid (Whether You're Single Or Not)

Valentine’s Day Is A Raw Deal For Guys: Here’s How To ACTUALLY Get Laid…

I used to spend hours trying to change women’s minds about Valentine’s Day… but that was about as effective as banging my head against the wall.

UGH!!! I needed a new solution. That’s when my good buddy and fellow mentor, Magic, showed me this video.

It’s all about his system to “rewrite” a woman’s rules… rules like “I’ll never date a man under 6’”… or “He HAS to make 6 figures”… all erased.

It works, because a woman’s brain is wired to respond to your body language… not your words. So by using these 3 simple body language tricks… you can “override” any “hangups” she might have about you… all within minutes.

Since learning how to do it myself, I’ve ended every Valentine’s Day in bed with a beautiful woman… and on MY terms.

Here’s how you can do it too:

Show Me Magic’s 3-Step System to “Rewrite” Her “Rules” and Make Her Yours…

“How Much Should I Spend on My Date?”

Now you know exactly how much to spend on her… but what about the finer details?

  • Should you order red wine or champagne….?
  • Take her to a seafood restaurant or a steakhouse…?
  • Give her chocolate or roses… or something else entirely?

What if you knew exactly what to do… what to say… and how to act, to maximize your odds of sexual success on any date?

Well, after years of research and analyzing hundreds of studies… we finally have the answers to all of those questions….

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And we compiled it into a cool little “Cheat Sheet,” just for you.

Knowing this information is often the difference between sleeping with her on the first date…

And being left home alone, in bed, wondering, “What went wrong???”

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Valentine's Day 2020: How To Get Laid (Whether You're Single Or Not)

How “Shy Guys” Get Laid on Valentine’s Day…

My shiest, quietest students don’t have any trouble finding a hot, willing woman to go home with on Valentine’s Day… why?

Because they were taught about a woman’s Secret “Pleasure Centers.”

They’re these small, sensitive areas all over her body… and if you touch them when you’re with her… she’ll get really, really, REALLY turned on.

I’m talking so turned on, that she might pull you into the nearest bathroom, and get on her knees… before you even order dessert.

(This actually happened to one of my students lol…)

Here’s a video that shows you exactly where to find them–man, you’re gonna love this:

Discover How to Find Her “Hot Spots” & Turn Her On FAST…

“Should I Pay for Her Dinner?”

This is gonna sound crazy… but did you know that over 90% of women have fantasized about getting a “happy ending” massage?

And in fact, some women are willing to shell out $300+ to let a complete STRANGER pleasure them to orgasm?

NEW: 27 “Sex Signals” That Reveal When She Wants You (Most Men Can’t Spot These!)…

I had no f’in clue when my buddy first mentioned this bizarre “fantasy” to me… but holy s–t… when I brought it up to the last girl I dated… you shoulda seen her face.

She jumped on top of me… desperate for me to be her “masseur,” and give her a (you guessed it) “happy ending” massage:

Here’s how to do it, step-by-step.


Valentine's Day 2020: How To Get Laid (Whether You're Single Or Not)

How A Dating Expert Does Valentine’s Day…

The video cut short before I got to mention this… but have you heard of the “Sex Snack”?

I first heard about it from this interview with the World’s Oldest Pornstar… Dave Cummings.

Even though Dave’s in his 70’s, he flat-out refuses to take Viagra or other weird “prescriptions”… (and with those nasty side effects, I can’t say I blame him)…

…so whenever he needs an extra “boost” before shoots, he simply eats the “Sex Snack.”

Of course, as soon as Dave mentioned it, I was all, “Where can I get the recipe??!”

And luckily enough, he shares it in the interview. 🙂

Here it is if you wanna check it out for yourself (I highly recommend it):

Discover The “Sex Snack” That Boosts Your Bedroom Performance (No Prescription Necessary)…

P.S. I think this ingredient works best for me… do you agree?

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