#datingadvice | WARNING: “It Lowers Sperm Count, Decreases Testosterone & Can Make Your Penis Smaller” New Study Says About THIS Common Kitchen Item…

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It’s an ordinary scene—a scene you know all too well.

You wake up and stagger into the kitchen. You get the coffee started, pull some eggs and bacon out of the fridge, and fire up the stovetop.

Next, you yawn and place a pan on the stove as the smell of coffee brewing begins to fill the room.

Nothing special, right?

It probably didn’t occur to you that something you’re doing in the kitchen could be interfering with your testosterone.

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Would you believe it if someone told you that just one tweak to this scene could make a difference?

That by removing a single item from your kitchen (that decreases testosterone), you could benefit your sperm count and penis size?

No, don’t worry–you don’t have to give up coffee. But the nonstick pan has to go.

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The Unknown Dangers of Nonstick Pans & How Cooking With Them Decreases Testosterone…

Known for the ease they bring to cooking eggs and the risk of death they bring to pet canaries, non-stick pans have a whole new reputation.

It turns out there are some serious repercussions for your reproductive health, and can even affect the size of your penis.

Suddenly that sizzling bacon doesn’t look so good.

But really—how could such a helpful kitchen utensil possibly have anything to do with your sex life?

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Sure, it’s suspicious that pet birds drop dead when their owners cook with nonstick pans, but could it really be that bad for humans?

A new peer-reviewed study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism has the answer.

Chemicals in the lining of nonstick pans had previously been found to affect the reproductive health of mice and rabbits, but this study specifically set out to uncover their effects on human bodies.

The conclusion? Sorry, it’s not what you want to hear, but it’s what you need to know.


What Can These Chemicals Actually Do to Your D*ck?

The study found that PFOA and PFOS, chemicals found in nonstick pans, bind with testosterone receptors in the cell, disrupting normal and healthy hormone function.

That’s right. These seemingly-innocent acronyms have red flags all over them.

PFOA stands for Perfluorooctanoic Acid and PFOS stands for Perfluorooctane Sulfonate.

When a nonstick pan is heated, these chemicals are released and make their way into your body, and they can stay in your system for years.

You’re just trying to make breakfast, but you’re inadvertently compromising your health.

So what actually happens once PFOA and PFOS bind with testosterone?

And is it really true that cooking with them enough decreases testosterone levels?

Well, it’s not pretty.

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The researchers reported that these chemicals can cause decreased sperm count…

Decreased sperm mobility…

Disfigured sperm…

Contribute to infertility…

And can even affect penis size by half an inch.

Half an inch.

If the canary in the kitchen, so to speak, wasn’t enough to convince you to ditch the nonstick pans, the results of this study should be.

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Luckily you don’t need to give up your favorite stovetop breakfast–you just need to switch out your pans!

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How To Reverse These Effects & Boost Your Bedroom Performance Fast…

So there are obvious things you can do to increase your performance… getting rid of the nonstick pans in your house is a good first step.

But you can’t always control the things that affect your sexual health.

Like if you go out to a restaurant, you’d look a little weird if you went kicking and screaming into the kitchen demanding to know if they use nonstick pans… (to put it lightly lol).

Lucky for you there are plenty of other things you can do to reverse the effects of nonstick pans… and boost your sexual health and performance… without making drastic changes to your life:

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