#datingformen | 50 Best Date Ideas San Diego Has to Offer (First, Second, Third Dates)

Looking for 50 of the best date ideas in San Diego? Look no further. San Diego is home to the beautiful California coastline, a prime destination for surfing at sunrise, whale watching, and taking long romantic walks on the beach. A vibrant city with a diverse dating pool and epic date locations, San Diego is guaranteed to deliver compelling, once-in-a-lifetime, even fairytale-like dates.  

Home to over 1.3 million people, San Diego boasts a fun, youthful vibe. The median age is just 33 years old and the male-to-female ratio is nearly even, with 51% of the population being men and 49% being women. Given the average age and close male-to-female ratio, there’s plenty of opportunities to find that special someone.

In this article, we have sourced 50 first, second, and third date ideas from local San Diego matchmakers, dating coaches, socialites, and our friends and family in the area. It’s time to get swept away and invite that special someone out for a fun date in San Diego, California. 

Before we jump into these date ideas, let’s first cover the general framework for a successful first, second and third date. If you’re looking for all of the bells and whistles that go into orchestrating an excellent date, I teach the complete blueprint for a first, second, and third date in my Signature program. The framework was derived from my 100-date experiment, where I examined the factors that led to success and failure in dating.

Now, without further adieu, here are my general guidelines for your first, second, and third dates. 

First Date

The first date should cost you less than $10 and be scheduled during daylight hours. It needs to be short and sweet to ensure that there’s still a bit of mystery left for her to uncover over the course of future dates. Successful first dates are simple. All you need to do is win her trust and rapport. Once you have that, the first date should end.

When you hit the one hour mark, you have two choices if you want to see her again. The first: you close for the second date on a different day and end the date. The second: you move to a new location and begin the second date on the same day. Either works but you don’t want to stay in the same spot beyond an hour on the first date. Doing so kills sexual tension and leaves you friend-zoned or ghosted later on.   

Second Date

This brings me to the second date. Time to get physical! The second date is all about bringing adrenaline into your new relationship. Go on a bike ride, climb a mountain, or take her surfing- if it gets your heart rate up, then this is the time to do it. Make sure your second date also takes place during daylight hours. 

Third Date

If you both still like each other by date number three, then you’ve likely built a solid foundation for trust and rapport as well as a little sexual tension. The third date is where the traditional dinner date happens. You want your third dates taking place at night to increase intimacy. She’ll feel as though she’s known you longer if you’ve been to multiple places during the day and at night. Now is when you start to have those deeper, more intimate conversations. By now, spending more time and money won’t be out of sequence, and if things go well, you might be taking her back to your place. Set the stage for a romantic evening and the sky is the limit. 

For more information on how to “orchestrate the fairytale” on your dates, check out my Signature Program. In it, I cover many more details about how to plan and sequence your first, second, and third dates. Applying the entire framework of each blueprint can help to attract and sustain a fulfilling relationship with your most ideal partner.

Now, enough about date blueprints and guidelines, let’s get to the good stuff. Below you will find 50 of the best San Diego date ideas sorted into three categories: first, second, and third dates. For those of you living in Coronado, I’ve got you covered as well. 

First Date Ideas San Diego

First Date Ideas San Diego #1: Little Lion Cafe

This funky little coffee shop in Ocean Beach is sure to impress with its delicious coffee and nomnomnom-worthy snacks. Try their turmeric latte for a healthy treat, and opt for their locally sourced, organic food if you’re feeling peckish.

-Recommendation by Sammi, San Diego Local

First Date Ideas San Diego #2: Farmer’s Market at Ocean Beach

If you’re tired of coffee dates that feel like interviews, then I challenge you to branch out. Enjoy a stroll around the Farmer’s Market at Ocean Beach on a Wednesday afternoon (4 pm – 8 pm). This location offers a casual setting that will give you time to get to know each other, while also providing an outward focus. Walking through the farmer’s market together can make you feel as though you’ve known each other forever. Dates that are active and have an outward focus create less pressure because you don’t feel the need to fill every silence.

-Recommendation by Lisa Lapides Sawicki, San Diego Life Coach

First Date Ideas San Diego #3: Holsem Coffee

Holsem, a coffee shop with 18 craft coffee cocktails, is sure to entice even the most fickle women. To mobilize her to say “yes” to a date invitation, ask her if she’s ever had a Cortado coffee with hibiscus petals.

Pro-tip: Menu buzz words work. You don’t need to know exactly what a Cortado with hibiscus petals is. Sell your date idea by using a menu item that sounds epic. Doing this will make her feel as though you are offering her a once-in-a-lifetime experience that she can’t get anywhere else. If she asks for more details, tell her that it’s the world’s most delicious coffee and she has to taste it to believe it. Then TDL her. 

The best part is, whether she loves the cortado or not doesn’t matter because taste is subjective. If you want to mobilize a woman to agree to a date, make the date sound epic by using menu buzz words. If the Cortado doesn’t compel her, try enticing her with the Guava Coconut Fizz or the Blueberry Lavender, Lemonade, Cold Brew. There’s no limit to what Holsem will come up with next. 

-Recommendation by Sammi, San Diego Local

#4: A Drink Outside the Del Coronado

The Del Coronado Hotel is said to have views comparable to Hawaii. Who said you can’t take your date to a hotel? Maybe don’t get a room just yet, but enjoy a drink and take in the views at the Sun Deck just outside. Although a bit on the pricier side with cocktails around $16, this is sure to be a memorable first date!

-Recommendation by Lisa Lapides Sawicki, San Diego Life Coach

First Date Ideas San Diego #5: Young Hickory

A coffee shop that also serves beer. Need I say more? A fun, welcoming vibe, Young Hickory focuses on making guests feel welcome. Perfect for a first date.

-Recommendation by Sammi, San Diego Local

#6: Cats & Coffee (First Date) + Cat Yoga (2nd Date)

If she loves felines, The Cat Cafe is a super compelling first date spot in San Diego. This unique coffee shop serves delicious coffee and is home to a variety of adoptable cats that will curl up with the two of you while you get to know each other better over sweet sips and cozy conversation. For a second date with a cat lover, check out their Cats on Mats, a Cat Yoga experience. Whoever thought this up was borderline crazy, borderline genius, I can’t tell which.

-Recommendation by Sammi S., San Diego Local

#7: Portal Coffee

Ever tried a Vanilla bean latte from Portal Coffee? They make their syrup in-house with vanilla bean and lots of love. Definitely a must-try on your next first date. And who knows how much of that love will rub off on you and your date.

-Recommendation by Sammi S., San Diego Local

#8: The Baked Bear

Be prepared to become addicted if you haven’t already tried the delicious treats that Baked Bear has to offer. Choose your cookie flavor, ice cream flavor, and toppings. I just had chocolate chip cookie with cookie dough ice cream and sprinkles around the edges and it was divine! You might also try the peanut butter cookie with coffee ice cream and mini chocolate chip rims. Splurge with hot fudge and whipped cream on top. If you share it, there’s no calories, right?

-Recommendation by Preeti Presswala-Shah, LMFT Gottman Trained Couples Therapist

#9: Better Buzz Coffee

If you’re looking for creative and colorful ambiance with delicious coffee and ice cream treats, then look no further. When asking a woman to meet you for a date at Better Buzz Coffee try sparking her interest with a menu item like the Mint Mocha Latte (their signature mocha with creme de menthe). You might also ask her if she’s ever had the “Best Drink Ever®.”

No really, it’s an actual drink at Better Buzz Coffee made with their classic americano and signature creamy vanilla. Why not meet there on Saturday at 2 pm and see if it really is the Best Drink Ever!

-Recommendation by Sammi, San Diego Local

San Diego First Date Ideas #10: Bobboi Natural Gelato

Incredible artisanal gelato meant to taste just like the gelato in Italy, but with their own signature flavors, many of which are seasonal. Bobboi likes to use the freshest ingredients, so they provide seasonal flavors that you can only get when the ingredients are ripe for the picking!

-Recommendation by EmLovz Staff

#11: Salt & Straw

Known for its unique flavors, Salt & Straw is a great first date spot in any city. It’s easy to make your date invitation sound like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by using the seasonal flavors to your advantage. Try this when asking a woman out. “Have you ever tried coffee and bourbon ice cream?”

Wait for her response. If she doesn’t respond in 48 hours, follow it up with, “Salt & Straw created this amazing new ice cream. They blend James Coffee with a warm and woodsy whiskey from Greenbar Distillery and it’s supposed to be life-changing. They’re serving it this Saturday at 2 pm. Want to join me for a taste test?”

If your girl declines, then I’d hard pass on her too because this spot is undoubtedly epic.

-Recommendation by Lisa Lapides Sawicki, San Diego Life Coach

#12: 85 Degree Bakery

Treat your date to something sweet on the first date! This artisan bakery is packed full of cakes, pastries, and loaves of fresh, oven-baked bread to satisfy any sweet tooth!

-Recommendation by Preeti Presswala-Shah, LMFT Gottman Trained Couples Therapist

#13: Creamistry

Have you ever tried liquid nitrogen ice cream? Apparently it’s the future of ice cream. Scram dip n’ dots.

If your date says she’s super adventurous, dare her to order the Elvis Presley, an ice cream sundae made with banana ice cream, banana, peanut butter sauce, and candied bacon.

If she’s more of a girly girl, invite her to try the Unicorn, an ice cream dream made with birthday cake ice cream, mini marshmallows, marshmallow cream, and unicorn dust. It’s nothing short of magical, as is Creamistry – one the most compelling date ideas in San Diego.

-Recommendation by Preeti Presswala-Shah, LMFT Gottman Trained Couples Therapis

First Date Spots San Diego #14: MooTime Creamery

Moo Time Creamery offers delicious hand-made ice cream. Check out the sprinkle-covered cone or the fruit loops cereal bar. You might even go large with the dessert nachos. Nomnomnom. This creative ice cream shop is located in Coronado, the island right off the coast of San Diego.

-Recommendation by EmLovz Staff

#15: Cauldron Ice Cream

Have you ever had an OG Puffle cone? It’s a famous creation made by Cauldron Ice Cream, a funky new ice cream shop with gorgeously delicious nitrogen ice cream treats. If she says she’s sick of getting coffee and tea on a first date, ask her if she’s ever had Earl Grey Lavender ice cream or Vietnamese Coffee ice cream.

Why go traditional? This unique ice cream shop puts a new spin on the old coffee/tea first date in San Diego.

-Recommendation by Sammi S., San Diego Local

#16: Somi-Somi

For a unique experience, take her to Somi-Somi. They offer gold-fish shaped waffle cones with your choice of filling, topped with soft-serve ice cream. If you want to craft a compelling message to entice a woman to join you, you could try the following message sequence. “Have you ever had Ah-Boong?” She’ll be dying to satisfy her curiosity.

-Recommendation by EmLovz Staff

Second Date Ideas San Diego

Second Date Ideas San Diego #17: Bike along the path from Mission Beach to Pacific Beach 

Biking with your new fling is a great way to get your heart rate up and get those endorphins pumping through your system! Exercise=Endorphins, and Endorphins=Sex Appeal! Work it.

-Recommendation by Sammi S., San Diego Local

#18: Torrey Pines Glider Port

“Torrey Pines Glider Port is an exhilarating, yet incredibly peaceful experience on a tandem paraglider flight with world class instructors overlooking the Torrey Pines cliffs, Pacific Ocean, and hidden beachside mansions.”

-Recommendation by Azmaira H. Maker, Clinical Psychologist, Author, and Consultant at Aspiring Families

Looking for a real adrenaline rush? Although peaceful, FlyTorrey paragliding will definitely push you out of your comfort zone! If you have an adventurous date, then this is an experience she will never forget. This is a more costly date though, costing around $175 for paragliding (per person). Make sure to plan ahead if you decide to go this route and buy tickets in advance. Avoid having a money exchange take place in front of her on a second date.

#19: Surrey Bike Ride On Coronado Island

“Surrey ride on the bike path around Coronado island and enjoy the views of San Diego’s downtown, Coronado bridge and historic Del Coronado.”

-Recommendation by Preeti Presswala-Shah, LMFT Gottman Trained Couples Therapist

Escape from the usual hustle and bustle and enjoy your time on Coronado, a beautiful island connected to the city of San Diego by a breathtaking skyway bridge. Bonus points if you’re there for sunset. To get there, take a ferry or drive in from San Diego. The ferry is ideal since this 15-minute option is a more peaceful way to escape.

#20: Walk Around the Shops at Bird Rock

Even if you aren’t a big shopper, walking around and experiencing this quirky neighborhood in San Diego is a great way to get to know each other in a fun way. Grab her hand and spend an afternoon giggling through the Bird Rock shops.

-Recommendation by Sammi S., San Diego Local

#21: Annie’s Canyon Hike

“A hidden gem in Solana Beach, Annie’s Canyon is a short hike through the narrow canyon that leads to a spectacular view of the ocean.”

– Recommendation by Preeti Presswala-Shah, LMFT Gottman Trained Couples Therapist

Looking for epic, but cheap date ideas in San Diego? Why not show your date a super special hidden gem? Located roughly 20 miles outside of San Diego, this date idea is well worth the drive for thrill-seekers.

Annie’s Canyon was named after a local woman who spearheaded efforts to restore the trail, and we’re sure glad she did. This exciting hike will require you both to squeeze through narrow sandstone passageways, which will boost endorphins and escalate the sexual tension between you.

#22: Take a Hike!

“There are several beautiful hikes in sunny San Diego. Novice hikers? Check out Mission Trails Regional Park, or the Ho Chi Minh Trail down to Blacks Beach for sunset. You might get lucky and catch a dolphin swimming by. Looking for more of a challenge? Check out Potato Chip Rock!”

-Recommendation by Sammi S., San Diego Local

When you live in a place as beautiful and sunny as San Diego, it’s easy to enjoy time outside, year-round! So grab your date and enjoy a fun hike with some killer views.

Second Date Ideas San Diego #23: Sail San Diego

“Must love the 3 Ws: Wind, water, and whales. A beautiful sunset sail or early morning up close and personal whale watching tour with only 6-8 adults, wine, champagne, snacks, and blankets.”

-Recommendation by Azmaira H. Maker, Clinical Psychologist, Author, and Consultant

Who doesn’t love time on the water? There is so much incredible marine life in San Diego, and the best way to get up close and personal is to get out there and feel the ocean breeze. Sail San Diego offers a 2 hour sail that’ll cost you about $70 per person, so this is definitely on the costly side. As long as tickets are purchased in advance and not on the date itself, you should be fine. There are several options of trips you can take too, so be sure to plan ahead!

#24: Hiking in Torrey Pines State Reserve

“Experience great ocean views, get a glimpse of the world-famous golf course, and enjoy the oldest and endangered Torrey Pine trees.”

-Recommendation by Preeti Presswala-Shah, LMFT Gottman Trained Couples Therapist

Another beautiful hike idea, but the Torrey Pines State Reserve Hike involves more beaches than mountains. Enjoy the scenic California Coastline, and walk hand-in-hand as you breathe in the warm ocean breeze and the rhythmic sound of waves crashing against the shore.

#25: San Diego Safari Park (Formerly Wild Animal Park)

“Transport yourself to an alternate ecosystem as you ride the tram through the East African Savannah to observe the elephants, giraffes, lions, and other wildlife. A breathtaking and educational second date experience.”

-Recommendation by Azmaira H. Maker, Clinical Psychologist, Author, and Consultant

There’s nothing like a day at the Zoo! SD Safari Park is known as one of the best zoos in the world, and although tickets can be a bit pricey ($56/pp, which would fall out of line with my personal second date blueprint), this experience is truly an unforgettable one. Buy tickets in advance to avoid an awkward money exchange in front of your date.

#26: Ride Scooters from Ocean Beach to La Jolla

Have you seen the electric scooters on sidewalks around your city? If you haven’t tried one yet, this is the perfect opportunity! They are a ton of fun! Grab a couple of scooters and enjoy the beachfront ride from Ocean Beach to La Jolla, or vice-versa.

-Recommendation by Sammi S., San Diego Local

Second Date Ideas San Diego #27: Wine Tasting in Temecula

“Temecula has lovely wineries. You can take a private limo tour to 3 of your favorites and sample a smorgasbord of wine and delicacies. A delightful and romantic experience for 2 or a group of close friends.”

-Recommendation by Azmaira H. Maker, Clinical Psychologist, Author, and Consultant

Maintaining an adventurous vibe, a wine tour is a sure-fire way to win(e) her heart. Stay safe by maintaining the role of DD- taste your wine and spit it out, so that you stay sober and she can enjoy without worrying. You can also book an Uber or Lyft or find wine country tour busses to pop on and off so you both can have a fun, indulgent second date.

#28: Kayak the La Jolla Caves

“Kayak through the beautiful caves in La Jolla or take a sunset kayak tour and get close to the marine life such as pelicans, leopard sharks, sea lions, and dolphins.”

-Recommendation by Preeti Presswala-Shah, LMFT Gottman Trained Couples Therapist

Have an adventure! Let your kayak guide you through crystal clear water, and watch for exciting marine life. Explore the caves and get to know each other from the comfort of your kayak. Grab a tandem kayak for $69 and explore together! Try and buy it in advance of the date so there are no awkward payment moments.

#29: Ride the Roller Coaster at Belmont Park

Find your inner child and enjoy a day riding the roller coasters at Belmont Park!

Pro-Tip: Make sure she isn’t scared of heights before planning this date…

-Recommendation by Sammi S., San Diego Local

#30: Stroll through Balboa Park

Filled with scenic outlooks and fascinating monuments, this historic park is an artist’s sanctuary. Built-in 1982, Balboa Park is filled with museums, beautiful trees, and a plethora of restaurants and shops. Get lost exploring with your date, enjoy the scenery, and maybe snap a pic or two!

-Recommendation by Lisa Lapides Sawicki, San Diego Life Coach

Second Date Spots in San Diego #31: Sunset Hike with Goats

Here’s a fun one for you! Make your hike a little more exciting by adding goats to the party! If you know that your date is an animal lover, then this will be an experience she’ll never forget! Book this on Airbnb Experiences for $55/ pp and make sure to pay ahead of time so there’s no awkward splitting of the bill conversation.

-Recommendation by EmLovz Staff

Third Date Ideas San Diego

Third Date Ideas San Diego #32: Del Mar Cinepolis 

“Stroll the upscale shops at the Del Mar Highlands and end the evening with an awesome luxury movie theater with a full bar, comprehensive meal and drink service, and reclining leather chairs.”

-Recommendation by Azmaira, Clinical Psychologist, Author, and Consultant at Aspiring Families

Strolling through the shops is a great way to get close, laugh together, and grab her hand. Ending the night with a romantic movie and dinner? You can’t go wrong! Heads up though, you’ll have to drive about 20 miles outside of San Diego but it’ll be worth it.

Third Date Ideas San Diego #33: Pacific Coast Grill

“Sample divine fish, sushi, and mussels while sipping excellent wines overlooking the ocean with gorgeous open-air sunsets.”

-Recommendation by Azmaira H. Maker, Clinical Psychologist, Author, and Consultant

Take her up the coast a bit to one of the best restaurants she’ll ever eat at. Entice her senses with delicious cocktails, extraordinary food, and a soft ocean breeze.

Third Date Ideas San Diego #34: The Melting Pot

“An intoxicating and sensational experience with a phenomenal variety of lobster, sirloin, cheese, and chocolate… prepare to spend 2-3 hours indulging your senses at The Melting Pot.”

-Recommendation by Azmaira H. Maker, Clinical Psychologist, Author, and Consultant

Who doesn’t love a date that revolves around cheese? Fondue is a fun way to get to know all about your date’s favorite food, and don’t skip the chocolate fondue at the end of the night. What’s more romantic than dipping succulent strawberries into gooey, decadent chocolate?

#35: Rooftop Cinema Club at Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego

“In terms of the vibe, it feels like a hotel bar and the decor isn’t really that interesting. What makes the Rooftop Cinema Club a cool date spot is the view, which overlooks San Diego Bay and Coronado Island. You can even see all the way south to Mexico. The drinks are pricey and in terms of the food, they only offer appetizers and dessert, but again, the view is amazing! This is a good option as a pre-dinner date spot.”

-Recommendation by Steven Williams, Local San Diego Musician, Entrepreneur, Photographer, and World Traveler

Expansive, sunset views and a glass of bubbly champagne, create an intimate and seductive mood for a third date. Give her the perfect evening by providing both, and then sweep her away to a divine dinner of your choosing.

#36: Cafe 21 in the Gaslamp

“Cafe 21 in the Gaslamp District offers a great third date spot in San Diego. Take advantage of their amazing Happy Hour deals starting from 3 pm and ending at 6 pm. Live music starts at 7 pm and is an excellent strategy for eliciting a sensational response. This date idea is far from being stuffy or boring. For delicious drinks, food, and live music, check out Cafe 21! Is there a better way to spend a Friday night with your date?

-Recommendation by Preeti Presswala-Shah, LMFT Gottman Trained Couples Therapist

#37: Tom Hamm’s

“Enjoy a beautiful dinner at Tom Hamm’s overlooking the ocean. Tom Hamm’s is such a breathtaking venue that it is frequently used for weddings. Be sure to find out if your date likes seafood because the menu is seafood-heavy. Situated right on the water, the fish is so fresh that she’ll think you went out and caught it yourself!”

-Recommendation by Preeti Presswala-Shah, LMFT Gottman Trained Couples Therapist

Third Date Spots San Diego #38: Dinner at the Prado, Balboa Park

The Prado is a stunning Colonial Mexican restaurant. You and your date are bound to feel as though you’ve escaped San Diego and ventured into the Mediterranean for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Walk along the courtyard hand-in-hand stopping briefly for a soft kiss, and she’ll be begging to be your girlfriend.

-Recommendation by Lisa Lapides Sawicki, San Diego Life Coach

#39: Sea 180

“Sea 180 is a nice date spot because you can sit on the patio which is right on the beach. I personally would stick to ordering off of their happy hour menu because I think those options actually taste better than their regular entreés. You can watch the sunset from the dinner table or you can eat a bit earlier and either walk down the beach or out on the pier to catch it. Imperial Beach is fairly close to the border with Mexico so if you walk south on the beach you can see Tijuana and all of the city lights start to speckle as the sun sets over the ocean.”

-Recommendation by Steven Williams, Local San Diego Musician, Entrepreneur, Photographer, and World Traveler

A perfect spot for a sunset dinner, Sea 180 offers amazing drinks and great seafood options. Plus, the staff has an incredible reputation, so you can rest easy knowing your date will have a fabulous experience.

#40: Pearl Hotel “Dive in” Movie Night

If you’re looking for creative date ideas in San Diego, look no further. Once a week, The Pearl Hotel offers poolside movie nights! Check out the lineup of movies on their website, and grab your girl for dinner and a movie, old Hollywood style.

-Recommendation by Sammi S., San Diego Local

#41: Night at San Diego Symphony

Go fancy or go home! Give her an excuse to get dressed up, and treat her to an extravagant night at the symphony. Heads-up: this date requires planning. From deciding on a show to picking out seats to purchasing tickets ahead of time, this date idea is not for the faint of heart. However, your thoughtfulness and preparation will only give her more reasons to swoon.

-Recommendation by Sammi S., San Diego Local

Third Date Ideas San Diego#42: Tapas at Costa Brava in PB

Why not venture outside your comfort zone with an authentic Spanish cuisine? Treat her to paella and sangria, and watch her heart and senses melt.

-Recommendation by Sammi S., San Diego Local

#43: Picnic on Sunset Cliffs

This is a chance to plan something super special and personal for your third date. Pack a picnic, grab a bottle of wine, and surprise your date with a sunset picnic on the cliffs. She’ll be swept away, and your thoughtfulness will win you mad bonus points!

-Recommendation by Sammi S., San Diego Local

 #44: C Level

Looking for a delicious steakhouse with a view? Check out C Level. Make sure to get here before sunset for a beautiful waterfront experience, and enjoy a yummy steak or seafood dinner. The mussels come highly recommended!

-Recommendation by Lisa Lapides Sawicki, San Diego Life Coach

#45: Cloak and Petal

A dark, intimate atmosphere, with refreshing cocktails, and sushi so fresh it will melt in your mouth—who could resist? If your date is a sushi lover, Cloak and Petal is the place to take her. Every plate offers an edible piece of art, aimed at blowing apart your preconceived notion of a “dinner date”. The ambiance here is fun and mellow, setting the tone perfectly for an intimate third date. Make sure to book a reservation in advance because this is a popular evening destination.

-Recommendation by Azmaira H. Maker, Clinical Psychologist, Author, and Consultant at Aspiring Families

Third Date Ideas San Diego #46: Farmer’s Bottega

Farm-to-Table is all the rage nowadays. Not only is the food healthy at Farmer’s Bottega, but it’s delicious. Order from the regular menu or opt for the Prix-fix for an extra treat, and don’t skip the limoncello cake for dessert! This little Italian restaurant will have your date smitten as a kitten and wanting more.

-Recommendation by Lisa Lapides Sawicki, San Diego Life Coach

#47: Illusions Theatre and Bar

Dinner and a show at Illusions Theatre and Bar? Why not! Enjoy a delicious dinner and a magic show! During this date, you’ll get to experience an interactive magic show, an escape room, and a decadent 3-course meal. Buy your tickets through Goldstar for $20 off!

-Recommendation by EmLovz Staff

#48: Starlite

Starlite is a very special restaurant that’s fantastic for a date night in San Diego. It’s ambiance will create a lasting memory and its food will make your mouth fall open. Treat her to a delicious dinner, but be sure to save some room for the signature Ice Cream Sandwich dessert that she’ll be dreaming about for weeks to come.

-Recommendation by EmLovz Staff

#49: Trailer Park After Dark

Looking for a unique experience for date #3? Check out Trailer Park After Dark! More of a bar than a restaurant, but still offering some yummy food that plays on the whole trailer park theme (think mac and cheese!). Extra bonus points if you book a private trailer to enjoy dinner and drinks in. A less expensive option, but definitely a creative spot.

-Recommendation by EmLovz Staff

Third Date Ideas San Diego #50: Monzu Fresh Pasta

Want to impress your date with your knowledge of Italian food? Look no further than Monzu for homemade pasta. Lady and the Tramp your way into her heart over a bowl of spaghetti and fresh Foccacia bread.

-Recommendation by EmLovz Staff

Bonus Date Ideas in Tijuana, Mexico

Although this isn’t part of San Diego, it’s still a part of San Diego’s culture. If you are going on a date with someone a bit more adventurous, then there are plenty of great options just south of the border. The culinary scene is booming in Tijuana, along with the craft beer and cocktails. A few spots I would recommend checking out, which are either walkable or a short Uber/taxi ride are:

Telefonica Gastro Park

Telefonica GastroPark in Tijuana offers authentic Mexican food in a funky and hip food truck park. Just make sure your date has a strong stomach. Food may be prepared with water that has different filtration than in the states. Might be best to check with her in advance.

-Recommendation by Steven Williams, Local San Diego Musician, Entrepreneur, Photographer, and World Traveler

Oryx Capital

Great food and a cool speakeasy located behind the wall at the end of the hallway near the restrooms.

-Recommendation by Steven Williams, Local San Diego Musician, Entrepreneur, Photographer, and World Traveler

Nativo Coffee

Nativo Coffee is a great little coffee spot with indoor and outdoor seating and is located one block east of the PedWest border crossing. It’s in a courtyard with a few good food options and a bar called Cereus. Great spot to go if you just want a quick taste of TJ without investing too much time into the date.

I would recommend walking across at the PedWest border crossing, especially if you don’t have a Sentri pass. If you don’t have a Sentri pass then I would suggest either going on a weekday or plan on crossing back later in the evening on a weekend night when foot traffic is light.

-All Tijuana Recommendations by Steven Williams, Local San Diego Musician, Entrepreneur, Photographer, and World Traveler

Date Ideas San Diego: Conclusion

San Diego is one of the most beautiful places on earth. As such, there’s no excuse for not having an exceptional dating experience. That’s not to say that dating, in general, is the easiest thing. After all, dating isn’t taught in school. If you didn’t have stellar role models to learn from, it can be hard to know what to do and what not to do. That’s where I come in.

I can help you fill up your dating funnel with tons of high-quality women so you can go to all of these different date locations with awesome women. But dating isn’t just about choosing the right location, there’s a lot more to it than that. That said, you’ve got a solid list of epic date locations now, so you’re on the path to finding a fulfilling relationship with a woman who drives you wild.

If you’d like to discuss more in-depth dating strategies, let’s talk. You can book a new client session with me here or check out my webinar to learn more about my dating philosophy. Either way, there’s a lot to be excited about if you’re dating in San Diego. Make your single life fun and fulfilling, it can be a life-altering adventure that you’ll never forget–if you let it.

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