#datingscams | Be on alert against scams targeting seniors, Colleyville police say

Colleyville police released a video Tuesday detailing and warning against recent scams officers have seen reported in the community. In the two-minute video, Detective Clay Williams addresses dating app scams, online email scams and phone calls from scammers impersonating law enforcement.

In the video, he discusses the prevalence of scams targeting older residents.

“Many of our elders grew up in a more trusting time, and thus are a more trusting generation,” he said. “That coupled with loneliness creates a more vulnerable population.”

Williams said that scammers use spoofed emails or phone numbers that appear real.

He also warned against phone calls from scammers impersonating law enforcement officers, making threats and demanding payments through wire transfer or gift card.

“No local law enforcement or federal law enforcement agency will ever request via gift cards or online wire transfers,” Williams said.

Williams said residents should keep a record of any emails, messages and files they suspect are related to a scam, and to call 9-1-1 or the department’s non-emergency number (817-503-1200) to report scammers.