#datingscams | Dating Tips: THESE are the expert tips to follow to avoid online dating scams

Have you recently joined an online dating site? Make sure you don’t get trapped in any scams. So, follow these steps to find a profile is fake or genuine.

Online dating has been in trend for a long time. People like the way of meeting new people from different parts of India or the world and connecting with them. They can chat with each other, know each other and then can proceed with it if they want to. But the world is full of scammers and they are waiting to trap you in any way. The online dating sites are no exception. 

There are thousands of fake profiles in an online dating scam. They can blackmail you with your personal information at any time. So, before you get trapped in a fake profile while using the online dating sites, we have jotted down some tips of spotting and avoiding a fake profile.

Tips to spot a fake profile in online dating sites.

How to spot a fake profile?

A fake profile will always have a picture of someone attractive and super successful. Make sure to check the birthday if that corresponds to the age of that person. Most of the fake profiles will always provide very little detail with only one or two pictures in it. You can also search in Google with the photo or the name if there are any other profiles with the same information. If you can spot these things, then the profile might be a fake one.

Check their availability

Scammers always try to develop a virtual relationship with you, but they don’t have time to meet you in person. And the most common excuse for not being able to meet in person is because he or she is too busy. A person cannot be so busy that he can’t meet anyone in person. That’s a scammer.

Avoid common scamming techniques

A scammer usually starts conversing with the basic information like work, hobbies, etc. But they quickly make a rapport with you and eventually, they don’t need much time to fall in love with you and start a virtual romance.

Protect yourself

Once you can detect the fake profile, then first protect yourself and your profile. Never share any personal information with a scammer or send any intimate picture of yours. A scammer may blackmail you with this personal information.

What to do with a fake profile?

Report the profile as spam and block it.

Block all the contacts with the scammer.

Keep a record of all the conversations you have had with the fake person.

Change your password immediately.

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