#datingscams | Hackers Brief from Cyber Wyoming | December 14 | Announcements

The Hackers Brief from Cyber Wyoming is sponsored by First Federal Bank & Trust. Be aware of the latest scams in Sheridan, Wyoming and the rest of the nation. 


Thermopolis Police Impersonation Scam


BASF Insurance

A Laramie citizen reported a phone call from BASF Insurance. The citizen reported that the call sounded like a recording but was a live person. The caller asked “how old are you?” which made the citizen feel like it could be a scam call. The citizen hung up before confirming that this was an actual scam. CyberWyoming Note: BASF insurance appears to be corporate insurance for insurance specialists, not for an average citizen.


Family Inheritance Investment Scam

A Casper citizen reported an email scam with the subject line of “INHERITANCE INVESTING” from the elderly son of a Nigerian lawyer who supposedly served with an unnamed Nigerian president. The scam ask you to help invest the inheritance. The contact information is nurudeenabbakyari@protonmail.com, but the email pretended to be coming from a Casper economic development agency.


Casper PD – 3 Scam Alerts

• First, an extortion scam that used to be primarily on dating sites, has been recently seen on Facebook. The scammer will attempt to gain your trust and then solicit a lewd photo. Once the photo is received, then the scammer attempts to extort money. The PD recommends that you don’t add friends on Facebook that you don’t personally know.

• Second, Black Hills Energy said customers had been receiving calls saying their bill is delinquent and that their service will be disconnected. If you receive this call, hang up, look up the phone number on your utility bill, and call Black Hills directly.

• Third, a person claiming to be a Natrona County Deputy is not calling you to extort money because there is a warrant out for your arrest. This is an ongoing and recurring scam nationwide.


Social Security Administration Phone Call AlerT

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is not calling because your social security number is suspended. This is a scam. The Laramie citizen that reported this call said the phone number for the scam was 518-816-3570, but be aware that the scammers change numbers often. CyberWyoming Note: In looking at past call reports, this scam seems to be on a monthly schedule, so be especially aware of it at the beginning of each month.


Fake Shipment Scam

A Cheyenne citizen reported an email claiming to be from a nonspecific organization, saying they erroneously received an international package for you. The company x-rayed the package (because every company has an x-ray machine, right?) and found that it has a large amount of money in it. The scam email came from jm1940100@gmail.com with the subject line of SHIPMENT. The contact information claims to be louismiller380@gmail.com. Do not open the Google Form.


Windows Defender Scam Alert

A CyberUSA affiliate reported $299.99 fake product scam from microsoftssubscription837@gmail.com asking you to confirm your order for Windows Defender. Please note that Windows Defender is the real antivirus software that is packaged with the Windows 10 operating system and is not purchased separately. Also, note that Microsoft would never email you from a Gmail (Google) address. Do not call the phone number or respond to the email.


FBI Alert

Scammers are attempting to impersonate the FBI online by spoofing (imitating) FBI websites. Lookalike website addresses include us-fbigov.com, fbiigovv.com, fbiusagov.online, fbiusagov.com, and fbiusgov.com. The fake websites are often used to steal your user id and password, personal information, financial information and spread malware. The FBI has issued a public service announcement at this (correct) web address: https://www.ic3.gov/Media/Y2020/PSA201123.


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