#datingscams | Sheriff news: County says beware IRS, Social Security scams

With the tax season underway, fraudsters claiming to be IRS (Internal Revenue Service) personnel often make calls demanding immediate payment of taxes.

County residents should never take the bait and send prepaid debit cards or make wire transfers. Deputies warn that these callers are often hostile and abusive over the phone.

Fraudulent Social Security calls involve scammers who tell people their Social Security numbers have been stolen or are linked to criminal activity.

These scammers often tell people to reveal their Social Security numbers in order to obtain new SS cards. This is nothing but a ploy (illegal tactic) to obtain Social Security numbers and personal data from victims.

County resident reports illegal use of credit card

A county resident, address not listed, reported to sheriff deputies on Feb. 27 that a credit card number deactivated in 2019 was being used. Purchases of close to $21,000 took place in the state of Georgia.

The county resident is working with a credit finance agency to correct the situation.

One road injury in NE Otter Tail County

A driver on Highway 10 in northeastern Otter Tail County was injured in a traffic accident at 8:42 a.m. on Feb. 27.

Investigating at the scene of the accident was the Minnesota State Highway Patrol. No further details were available.

Parkers Prairie man falls victim to dating scam

A rural Parkers Prairie man became the victim of an online dating scam in recent days.

The victim, who lives near Highway 40, sent $450 in eBay gift cards to an undisclosed location, and later on sent $200 in Walmart cards, according to Otter Tail County sheriff deputies.

Deputies were unable to confirm the identification of the scammer or the location. The investigation was reported on Feb. 26.

Phony suitors seek out targets on social media. The Federal Trade Commission received more than 25,000 reports about romance scams in 2019, a three threefold increase since 2015.

Deer Creek area resident reports fraud incident

Sheriff deputies, on Feb. 26, received a report from a rural Deer Creek resident about illegal use of a credit card.

The person’s credit card numbers were used illegally in St. Paul and in Indiana. A total of $249 worth of merchandise had been fraudulently purchased.

The victim later contacted his bank fraud department.

Gun safe with firearms and cash stolen near Fergus Falls

A gun safe was stolen northeast of Fergus Falls, close to 230th Avenue. The incident was called into the sheriff office on Feb. 25.

The safe included firearms, cash and a passport.

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