#datingscams | Should You do a Thorough Background Check Before Getting Married?

Dating sites and apps promise your soulmate is just one click away. The conveniences offered by online dating are indisputable, but so are the downsides: lies, scams, and other forms of deceit. 

You may think you know your future spouse and it’s probably true, but it’s always best to stay safe. Here are several reasons to do a thorough check according to UnMask, an expert on background checks. 

To Verify Their Identity

Through identity verification, background checks reveal whether someone lied about basic information like their name, age, or date and place of birth. It’s never been easier to assume someone else’s identity given the public accessibility of online database records. An identity check can prove your future life partner was honest. 

To Make Sure They aren’t Spoken for 

All background checks include identity verification. What you might not know is that this extends to one’s marital status. Someone may be separated from an ex-spouse but not legally divorced. They might even be married with no intention of getting divorced so they can marry you. If you have your doubts, a background check will be really helpful in letting you know where you stand. After all, your partner can’t get married to you legally if they’re not single.  

Getting to Know Relatives 

They don’t say “marrying into someone’s family” for no reason. Marriage comes with extended involvement, and your spouse’s family becomes yours. If your future spouse is hesitant to introduce you to his loved ones, it might mean they have some family problems. These can affect your marriage negatively in the future. A background check will alert you to potential issues before you tie the knot so that you are able to make an informed decision.   

Skeletons in the Closet 

A background check can reveal potential issues stemming from an unpleasant event in your partner’s past. These include but aren’t limited to financial problems, drug abuse, criminal acts, or poor employment history. While many of these aren’t a reason to give up on a partner, offenses related to domestic violence don’t make him promising, to say the least. People can change, but you don’t want to take the risk.  

You need to address any issue you’re uncomfortable with. Financial problems are important to discuss because any debt they incur after marrying you becomes your responsibility. A partner with poor money management skills, a history of bankruptcy, or a low credit rating might make problems for you. 

Even if they have been open, running a background check is still a good idea. If it turns out their situation is worse than they presented it, you should be able to plan accordingly. 

Words of Optimism 

There’s nothing wrong with hoping for the best as long as you’re informed about the situation you’re in. Having your head in the clouds makes you vulnerable to fraud and scams. A premarital screening reduces this risk a great deal. It doesn’t have to yield negative findings. It can even help you and your future spouse get closer. It will ease any concerns and maybe even save your relationship, giving you the time and the motivation you need to plan your nuptials. 

Screening a partner doesn’t mean you don’t trust them. It only shows you’re looking for a relationship based on honesty and trust, just like everyone else. 

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