#datingscams | Sydney’s New “Internet-Focused” Film Festival Shares Line-Up

Hyperlinks, a new Sydney film festival, has announced its “internet-focused” programme, featuring a dozen features and a handful of shorts that collectively cross the dark web, scams, online dating, and losing your laptop.

Ran by Static Vision, a local collective who screen hard-to-source gems and film festival favourites, Hyperlinks is mostly filled with Australian premieres. However, it kicks off with a semi-cult classic: Demonlover, the surreal 2002 torture-porn thriller starring Chloë Sevigny and directed by Oliver Assayas (Personal Shopper). It’ll be followed by a DJ set from Slim Set’s Atro, as well as Static Vision’s own Sound System.

On the premiere front, there’s YouTube montage Lynch: A History, about NFL star Marshawn Lynch’s relationship to the media; a documentary-comedy about the bizarre world of Art Basel by Moonlight‘s co-producer Andrew Hevia; AIDOL, a ‘digital musical’ about a pop-star keen to come back with the help of an AI songwriter; and Tourism, a road trip film about two Japanese micro-influencers who have a so-so time in Singapore.

That’s just a few, too: another highlight is L.A. Tea Time, about director Sophie Be?dard Marcotte’s drive across North America to LA to meet Miranda July, not that July knows it. Plus, Mating, a Swedish documentary created from capturing a couple’s screens, collating their phone, desktop and Skype communications.

Hyperlinks is on February 21-23 at Marrickville’s Pink Flamingo Cinema, with the full line-up as well as tickets and multi-passes available on their site.

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