Dave Bond


Scammer’s Profile or Account Name:dave8820

Scammer’s Country: Laer Grove,New York

Scammer’s Email: dave.physicist1411@gmail.com

What Website or Social Media Was The Scammer Using? : Christian cafe

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Hello Kim,

How are you tonight, hope you had a blessed day in Church today? I am just writing you now because I didn’t get back from Church early today, I had to stay back for a meeting and also visiting some of our members after that, I got back from dinner and now I feel good to finish my letter to you. Thanks for getting back to me with more details about you and I am very sorry about the loss of your husband, I pray he will continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord. I am sure you do believe that the ability to communicate is a positive start to any relationship and I am not trying to rush into marriage within a year just like you too. I like to be open about myself and ask questions because I believe that’s the best way to get to know each other better. I want you to know I’m in no rush plus I don’t think it hurts to express oneself about his perspective of what he seeks and his desires in a fulfilling Christian relationship. No one can tell though until they find out, I am optimistic about what we are having between us and I want you to know distance is not a deterrent for me, I believe it will only make us grow stronger, fonder and prepare us for everything ahead. Good things never happen easily, like my Dad always said. I’m sure you know what that means from my last email and I am sure you will get to understand that I am the only child of my parents. My dad and mom died in a car crash in Vegas, Nevada in Oct of 2001 and it has been really hard since then missing the people that are mostly important in my life, being the only child was very hard growing up alone and still hard for me. Though my parents were strict not really minding the fact that I was the only child but they gave me real love, Dad always supported my Dream. He was my hero and I still miss them both everyday because they left such a big hole in my heart. I think trust is most important thing to first earn before anything else. I want us to have that growing between us as we continue in this relationship we are building, I am very honest man and my sincerity is what defines me. I do not play games and I am always dedicated to the one single heart I love. I am a very caring person. I have empathy for others and I have a huge heart even though I wear it on my sleeve sometimes. I love to be able to help when needed! I want these traits from my potential partner also. I love to watch a good movie at home while spending some good cuddling time together. I love romantic kisses that reach your soul. I believe kissing is one of the most passionate things you can do. I want my woman to be more interested in personal relationships than with things that don’t matter to our relationship. I want someone who thinks and does things for others and not only think of herself alone all the time. I love people that can laugh at a good or bad joke because I am sure to tell both! I like to joke around and also laugh a lot! I laugh more at myself than anything. I’m very honest and trustworthy. I have a playful side and love to flirt with the woman I care about and love and I want that in return. Nothing sexier than the woman you are interested in being playful, flirty and teasing you because she is attracted to you and want to show that to you and make you feel loved each and every day.
My daily life doesn’t exist without God being my rock, I don’t really know how to explain how much I lean on God for everything because He has always been supportive right from when I lost my parents and I needed much comfort to get through the teenage years. I am a very dedicated man to my Faith, I love God wholeheartedly and I truly believe I will make a great mate to someone special to me someday, just like I did with my late wife Lisa before her demise. I love my career my job as an Medical Research Consultant, don’t get me wrong but family comes first in everything and I would sacrifice my job to make my family happy. Years back when my late wife was dying of cancer, I stopped working or traveling and I never applied for any contract even thought I had a lot of offers but I rejected all the offers I had because I was needed more by her and I had to make time for my her. I am an upbeat, cheerful person and find no reason to dwell on the bad things, I just laugh it off and let it go because sometimes things happen to us but if we stress out about it or get upset about it will always get us down. I have a balanced outlook on life, I am very optimistic and never look back on my decisions, I always look forward and live for the day. I am very open minded and I am honest in all my endeavors, I literally despise people who put on or lie about things and think they can get away with it when I’m concerned. I consider myself a sensitive, kind, and gentle person who enjoys being with people, I have never dated out of race before but I don’t see any difference and this is even more like a motivation for me because I know Asian women are more conventional and God fearing.