David Old, Temecula, CA

After dating this guy for 2 years and getting a divorce to be with him, he cheated on me with numerous girls online and then found a new girlfriend, broke up with me but kept me on the line for another whole year. He would text me, take me out, have sex with me and keep me on the line telling me he wasn’t with anyone else and that he just wanted me to prove that I could be trusted before we could get back together. In the meantime, he’s got a new gf that he’s moved in with and has given a promise ring saying he wants to marry her, all while he’s trying to have sex with me. He’s disgusting and has no clue what love is or even human decency. Stay away from this lying cheater. He is the biggest hypocrite of all, accusing everyone else of all the crap he is doing. I told the new girl what he’s been up to and she booted him out. What a dirtbag. He told her I was a crazy, psycho stalker which of course is not true. It’s he who has been the one contacting me and sending me pics of his junk.

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