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David Spade’s latest comedy, The wrong ladyVisit Netflix today to help the public forget about their concerns for 90 minutes. The film follows Tim (Spade), an unfortunate office worker who accidentally invites her blind nightmare date (Lauren Lapkus) to a corporate retreat instead of the girl of his dreams (Molly Sims). Mischief ensues and Tim recruits his best friend Nate (Nick Swardson) to help keep things under control.

Spade and Swardson sat down with Screen Rant to discuss the funny situation of their characters in The Wrong Missy. In addition, they also shared how the cameos of Jorge García, Roman Reigns and more emerged.

David, can you tell me about Tim’s backstory and his dealings with his past relationships? What kind of takes you here?

David Spade: I am coming out of a tough divorce. Slightly older, 40 or whatever I play on the screen. And I’m in Portland, I’m kind of a dumb kid in this dumb company. Nick is my dumb friend there, but he wants me back in the dating world. I don’t know if it’s like a Tinder date, that first date. Nick, how did I meet Missy? Maybe my mother sent me with her.

Anyway, I’m going on a horrible date, that’s right at the beginning. And then Nick and I are trying to figure out what I should do after that. So, I’m just a good guy with a dumb job, and then this retirement from the company in Hawaii comes up and he talks to me and asks this girl I just met. So I ask her and she says yes, and I’m surprised. She turns out to be the wrong girl, and now Nick and I are trying to keep her away from my boss; keep her away from the other girl. That is the fun of the film: there are many things happening.

Nick, you play Tim’s best friend, Nate. If this were a real life situation, how would you handle this? Can you give any advice to Tim?

Nick Swardson: Same. Probably the same. I mean, one of my joys in life is to completely screw up David and mess with him. It’s almost almost a documentary, this movie. Then I do not know.

I mean, if this really happened, it would be pretty awful. I’m not going to reveal anything about the story, but you know … Everyone has stained a text message or sent the wrong text message, but to make it the fruit of a corporate retreat and someone who is such a cannon loose? It’s not like, “Wow, let’s go to a party.” “Wow, I invited her to a restaurant” or something like that. It’s like, “Oh my gosh. We’re going to a corporate company retreat.”

I don’t know how someone would handle that, but I would laugh at that other person.

David Spade: We’re also dealing with Jackie Sandler, who plays a girl who works with us that we don’t like and don’t like. So, I’m going against her for a promotion. My boss is there, wrong Missy starts interacting with my boss; I don’t like that and I have to keep them separate. So it keeps increasing for Tim. He keeps putting out fires to the right and left, because everyone around me is bananas.

There are a ton of great cameos in this movie, and it almost sets the tone when Tim meets Roman Reigns from the start. Speaking of great cameos, did you have a favorite? Jorge García is incredible, and there is one at the end that I don’t want to spoil.

David Spade: Oh yes, it’s true. Do not mess it up.

Nick Swardson: Yes, I don’t want to spoil any. It’s hard.

David Spade: Nick, did you know Jorge before or not?

Nick Swardson: Yes, we did The Ridiculous 6 together on Netflix, and Jorge lives in Hawaii. So it was easy for him. He is always great; He is a great guy. I love Jorge

David Spade: I had to breathe in his face in one of the scenes, and it was really gross. I used to apologize every time. In the movie, I don’t know if they used the grossest. I say, “Please, there were others more disgusting.” Poor guy. But we did it over and over again. He was a champion.

I liked meeting Roman Reigns. I didn’t know he was a great fighter; He was a great guy. I think that was my first day of shooting. We did it at Strip Steak, Nick, the first day. It’s our date, and the first second I meet Lauren, it goes wrong right away. She starts trying to fight this, well, it’s dirty, but she’s screaming at this guy the whole date. I wonder, “Am I supposed to fight this girl? I met her two seconds ago.” And then she yells at me and yells at him, and then I try to sneak away.

It’s a good start to the movie, because you could imagine yourself in that situation. Like, “What would I do?”

Lauren is also great. His comic moment is brilliant. Is there something she brought to the character that wasn’t necessarily on the page? The same with all of you, actually.

David Spade: Nick brought less. Lauren, it was a fun part, but you can play that with (anyone). If it was Kristen Wiig, it would be somehow. If it was Kate McKinnon, if it was Isla Fisher … There are so many people you think about as you read. And then you get Lauren, and she goes off in these crazy directions; Very smart, quick mind. And that was really worth it.

We were lucky, because if you screw up that part, the whole movie falls with you.

Nick Swardson: Yeah. I mean, for me, I read the script and thought, “Oh, this is some kind of dumb office worker. Well, I’m going to inject all my shit into him.” So, he was something that, on paper, was basically an average Joe. And then I just threw away my nonsense. So it was fun adding my bulls ***.

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