26 thoughts on “Deadspin Editor Timothy Burke on Anderson Cooper 360 talking Manti Te’o Hoax

  1. 79tazman

    Who gives a fuck!! why does everyone care about this?? People have to much time on there hands and CNN need to start reporting on shit that matters not soap? opra BS

  2. frank arena

    love of his life my ass he didnt even meet her how can you be in love with someone by just chatting online? its bullshit either hes a fucking retard or its all bullshit i bet hes out there banging broads? left right and center

  3. rjplamf61

    if this guy was involved in this he is one sick fuck. period. if he wasn’t he still has to be disturbed or the most gullible, naive person on this planet (which? i don’t think he is). if he was a 40 year old virgin i may understand getting burned but this guy was the heart and soul of the ND football team. he had to have babes lining up at his door wanting him to bang him BUT he was talking all night to his imaginary girlfriend. HA! Hysterical.

  4. rodeopac

    I feel? like I’m taking crazy pills, doesn’t everybody see that Manti is Lennay….Lennay is Manti, Einhorn is Finkle and Manti are all the same person 😉 The truth is many very respected journalists dropped the ball and some like Thamel at SI have damages their? reputations and journalistic integrity…Swar”Brick” at ND loves lamp

  5. TheAngryCanary

    Pfff. Of course everything Manti Te’o says is true. He said it. On television. It is impossible that? he could have acted… that the media could have reported things that were not true… as true.Personally, I can’t wait for Anderson Cooper to have a show dedicated to rebuking the nutjob Manti Te’O conspiracies. Poor Manti. Anyone who doubts a man who has gone through such a tragedy is sick! Sick! Sick!

  6. shelleyinthecity

    Hey Anderson, question for ya. Does your gaydar go? off with Manti Te’o?

  7. rodeopac

    To? the journalists in particular Thamel at SI and others: “Should we or should we not follow the advice of the galactically stupid! Congrats to Deadspin!!

  8. rodeopac

    He’s so full of shit ~ it’s just astounding that nobody uncovered this load of? crap earlier?? ND is? starting to feel it ~ I hear there is a growing sense of the obvious there 😉 for instance his teammates thought he was a tool 😉

  9. AZstarwatcher

    Waiting for the hoaxer? to come forward, if there ever was one. It’d be funny if it was a dude.

  10. Charles Ray

    Teo is either gay or he had a sexual relationship? with his grandma

  11. Incenerater

    Skype…..You can’t convince me that a 20 something in this day and age would be in a long distance relationship? for that long and not use Skype…..

  12. ironicvirtue5

    Notre Dame more? like Nosuch Dame ammiright?!?!

  13. scottirishrebel

    Damn…thought you had to be smarter than this to get into Notre Dame??

  14. TF2legend

    Manti Te’o should be put on suicide watch? after this.

  15. natskivna

    This kid knew and was involved. If he was being honest, wouldn’t he have sent flowers to the funeral or the family? Wouldn’t he have been suspicious in September rather than December? Wouldn’t? he have tried to reach out to her family to speak to them? Come on…

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