Deadspin Report: Manti Te’o’s Girlfriend Is a Hoax

The college football world was thrown into a frenzy Wednesday afternoon when Deadspin reported that the girlfriend of Notre Dame star linebacker and Heisman finalist Manti Te’o — whom he had mourned after her midseason death from leukemia — did not, in fact, exist and appeared to be an elaborate hoax.

5 thoughts on “Deadspin Report: Manti Te’o’s Girlfriend Is a Hoax

  1. redseasIX

    This nigga couldn’t get? a real bitch @ ND or what?

  2. larkey56

    this is victim of a hoax….what, after 2 months???? manti ur a hoax, u couldnt defend? urself 2 months ago.

  3. larkey56

    a shame and a disgrace, a shame for kahuku, what a fucking loser…yeah brian, ur son is a fucking loser, just? like ND 42-14. a REAL MAN, that aint u Manti….fuck u

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