Dealing With #Creeps On #Dating #Sites


The #MeToo movement isn’t just for work place harassment. It’s now in the dating world. You might be surprised to know that women are weary of dating sites and some avoid them completely. A survey found that 80% of women stay away dating sites because men engage in inappropriate behaviors and conversations.

You might be wondering why men behave badly on dating sites. There’s confusion about the purpose of a dating site. Some men confuse a dating site for a “hook up” site. If you’re looking for a good time only then your approach can be more callous. Your perspective drives your behavior. If you’re looking for a good time then you’re more likely to send inappropriate photos to see if the woman reciprocates. That’s the fastest way to know. Other men can’t handle rejection, which has always been a part of dating. So they say mean things when a woman turns them down. They’re protecting their ego.

You can stop the harassment by blocking them. You’re under no obligation to respond, comment or explain. Your silence is answer enough. Reporting them to the app/dating site is appropriate. Make sure to have screen shots of what was texted/emailed to you to support your claims. You report to stop the inappropriate behavior.

Although you might feel jaded about online dating sites, it shouldn’t keep you off of dating sites. Remember there are great men out there. You have to weed the garden to find the roses. Examine profiles. You get a lot of hints about a person by looking at their profiles. Positive or negative tone. What do their photos say about them. What is it that they’re saying about themselves? Or, about what they’re looking for?