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Actor and former playboy Dean Gaffney, 43, has made no secret of his desire to find love and settle down at last.

He has signed up to dating apps Hinge, Bumble, Raya and Tinder, according to The Sun, with some matches even revealing his private messages, accusing him of trying to break lockdown rules, which he strenuously denied.

But after boasting he has bedded more than 1,000 women, unlucky-in-love Dean seems to be struggling to find a meaningful connection.

He was also accused of trying to persuade a Hinge match to come and see him while the country was on lockdown because of the pandemic.

The woman, named Christy, exclusively told the Mirror that the actor had matched with her on numerous dating apps before messaging her directly on Instagram.

She told us she was “disgusted” that Dean would break the rules to meet her for a date, and that she had tried to let him down gently.

But his representatives have insisted the whole thing was just “banter” and said that he terminated the exchange when it was pointed out to him that meeting might breach the rules.

Dean Gaffney’s image could be about to change as he becomes a grandad

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“This was private banter between two adults. It is important to make clear that no rules were broken. There was never any intention for Dean to travel anywhere to meet anyone.

“We all know that the regulations have changed numerous times and as soon as it was pointed out to Dean that any meeting might be a breach of the rules he terminated the exchange,” they said.

Dean asked her if she was meeting up with anyone in lockdown, and she replied: “Kind of?” with a laughing emoji, but then explained that she wasn’t currently able to venture far because of her broken ankle.

Dean Gaffney with his twin daughters, Chloe and Charlotte, 24
Dean Gaffney with his twin daughters, Chloe and Charlotte, 24

He then suggested he would go round to her house, telling her to “put the kettle on” and that he’d be there on Sunday, adding a laughing emoji.

“No meetings indoors remember,” she reminded him, but he responded: “Don’t worry about all that… to cold to meet outdoors x” [sic].

The woman told him she wasn’t willing to risk meeting with him as if she were to get sick with Covid-19 there would be no one to look after her children.

Christy claimed Dean tried to persuade her to break lockdown rules - which he denied
Christy claimed Dean tried to persuade her to break lockdown rules – which he denied

He questioned that she would get sick if they met up but she told him she wasn’t willing to take any risks with her health.

He said: “That’s fine just confused how meeting me outside is different to meeting me for a coffee? No worries babes. X”.

Dean also was recently married to 26-year-old model Rebekah Ward but their fling soon fizzled out after she claimed she felt like a “trophy”.

Dean Gaffney and Sarah Burge
Dean Gaffney and Sarah Burge split after he was unfaithful

Dean admitted he was "selfish" in his relationship with ex Rebekah
Dean admitted he was “selfish” in his relationship with ex Rebekah

Rebekah is just two years older than Dean’s twin daughters, Chloe and Charlotte, 24.

Their relationship lasted for three years, and Dean said of their split: “I’ve suffered real heartbreak. It was a very passionate relationship.

“But by the end we were just in this vicious circle where I didn’t treat her right and she didn’t treat me right,” he told The Sun.

“Looking back, I was probably selfish. I should have put her first and had her back. I do regret that,” he added.

Dean partied and posted the photos on social media
Dean partied and posted the photos on social media, with his EastEnders co stars unimpressed

“I didn’t think she would walk away in the end but she did. I thought I would be able to win her back – but I couldn’t.”

He then vowed not to date anyone as young as Rebekah again, admitting it was “weird for” his daughters.

“I’m only dating women in their 30s now,” he promised.

Before Rebekah, Dean was married to the mother of his daughters, Sarah Burge, but admitted to cheating on her when it was revealed he’d had an 18-month affair with hairdresser Sasha Levy.

When pictures of him and Sasha emerged, he admitted he felt guilty.

“No one wants to see pictures of someone that’s been in their life for so long with someone else.

“No one wants to be humiliated,” he confessed.

He had flings with porn star Linsey Dawn McKenzie, dancer Maddie Stephens, and Celebrity Big Brother star Alicia Douvall – who was not very complementary about their romp.

Dean was mocked over his age during a date on Celebs Go Dating
Dean was mocked over his age during a date on Celebs Go Dating

“He swept me off my feet by playing the big star – but he was so hopeless, rough and selfish between the sheets I knew it was doomed,” she said.

“He reckons he is a superstud, but he is the most clueless lover I’ve ever had.”

Dean tried once more to find himself a companion when he signed up to Celebs Go Dating in 2020.

“I want that butterfly feeling, I want to be in love,” he said, but it was not to be.

Alicia Douvall criticised Dean's bedroom skills
Alicia Douvall criticised Dean’s bedroom skills

He failed to connect with anyone on the show, and later claimed it was only on it for the money.

“I went on Celebs Go Dating to have a good time. At the end of the day it’s a job and a job pays money,” he said.

“But I think it’s really hard because obviously we go on dates for two hours and the show only depicts two minutes of that.

“You’re on a date with ten cameras in your face, it’s not easy.”

He added that after editing, the dates “don’t always show what actually happens”.

Dean played Robbie Jackson on EastEnders
Dean played Robbie Jackson on EastEnders

Dean’s horniness has led to him getting fired from EastEnders, as he was written out of the soap in 2019 after he was found to have begged a woman for racy pics on Facebook.

He contacted the woman online and asked to see her “boobs and bum”.

And in June last year, reportedly Dean attended a raucous party with strippers in Huddersfield, and posed up for a group photo that was posted on social media by one of the attendees.

He could be seen in the picture surrounded by almost 40 people, with many followers chastising him.

Dean was overjoyed as he welcomed his first grandchild
Dean was overjoyed as he welcomed his first grandchild

Then in August 2020, Dean was called out on social media by his EastEnders co-star Jamie Borthwick for partying in Ibiza.

Dean uploaded a picture of himself with his pals on the Spanish island, resulting in an awkward exchange with Jamie, who plays Jay Brown.

After Dean captioned a picture with “Never alone,” Jamie commented: “Accept at party’s surrounded by onlyfans girls when there’s 1k dying a day.” [sic]

Michael Greco, who also used to star in the soap, broke up the feud by correcting the spelling and writing: “Although it’s Except not Accept,” alongside laughing emojis.

Jamie wrote back: “Haha Grecs is right, Borths miles off it.”

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Swerving the barbed remark, Dean joked: “Haha LOVE this Grecs love this! Touché Jamie x.”

But Dean could be finally about to rid himself of his playboy persona, as he has now become a grandad.

He took to social media to tell that his daughter Chloe has welcomed a little girl named Mimi.

The doting grandpa wrote: “Welcome to this crazy world, my beautiful granddaughter Mimi.

“I am very happy to announce I am a GRANDAD I can’t believe my baby is now a mother, proud is an understatement. Chloe and Declan you’re going to be amazing parents. X

“Baby Mimi, born: 07.07.2021.. 7 pound 14oz. Just to thank everyone in advance, I know I don’t look old enough to be a father let alone a grandfather!”

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