Demetrias Renaud – Gunn Virginia Beach, Virginia

Let me start from the beginning. I found out my husband was cheating in March of this year. At the time, I had just given up my Naval Career of 11 years (VERY GOOD ONE) for my husband. He wanted me to be a wife at home and to be honest I wanted it too. I wanted to run my business fully and have a family. And I did not like how the Navy made me feel anymore. But the main reason was for my Husband who I loved and still love very much but he put it to me straight that if I did not get out,  we would divorce. Well in October of last year I decided it was him and my family I wanted so all my energy was to that. He was surprised at how attentive I was ie (calling him to run his bath water and asking him what he needed when he got home) but I thought this would be pleasing to him. Well more and more he seemed distant and argumentative and I asked him what was wrong he would never say just snapped. Even at Christmas I had a idea to do the 12 days of christmas and gave him a card and gift every day to be his maid to let him know I was here for him in every way. That also did not work out well. So in March I found out that not only was he (also in the Navy) was cheating, but it was in his direct chain. She was an E5 and he is an E6 (we sign pg13 to not do this) but they did it. When I found out, he told me he wanted to move out then. I said NO. To give us time to see so he decided he would do that but this chick kept calling him everyday. I asked him to stop but it was mute. Then one day we were to talk and I made dinner waited for him and it was getting late and I was worried something was wrong when I said I wonder if he is with her so I looked at our phone bills and got her number and reverse looked up her address. And sure enough he was over at her house. I told both of them that we are all active duty and do you know they could get in trouble but she says “I dont care” Two weeks later he moved out. This was in June. Since that time he kept telling me he was working things out but he was still seeing her.

I was having female issues and kept complaining about it but he seemed not to care. Eventually I went to a real doctor outside the navy and found out I have stage II cervical cancer. Devastated I told him and he did not want to move home to help me when he was going through something similar I was there for him. Then I found out I was pregnant. But it gets even better, he blew his knee out and lied to me and his friends of when he had his surgery so this girl could be there with him. He even posted these on facebook. He had surgery and then he comes over to see me and then leaves and when he gets over there to her starts yelling like we are arguing. I get up and drive over there and did not go to the door but blew up my husbands phone. I was not on her property and they call the cops. I never set foot on her property. Well she not only got me arrested but put a restraining order on me. I had to pay an attorney to represent me and they got dismissed because the judge saw the truth. But it gets better. In October of this year I separated from the Navy and they gave me 30k. My husband filed for separation on 6 Oct and I got out on the 14th. That monday I received my severance and it went in the wrong account. Before I could even get to it my husband started paying my bills all except for one and paid off 10k of his bills including his car and said I did not steal your money. He left me with 2800 for me to use from October until Christmas which I was broke and reserve pay just is minor compared to what I was making. I am devastated, broke and alone. My son who is my blessing is all I think about when I push myself to increase my bookkeeping business. My husband not only wants me to move out of the apartment which I do not have a job to get another one, but will probably file for divorce this month and I barely have money to live. I had to fight for medical care and 1700 spousal which I came out all at the beginning of the month for rent because he thinks that is not a good reason.

Everyone is telling me to turn him in and move on but I think of my son and what will I say to him. But I am in so much pain and he is not here for me with my cancer and this difficult pregnancy. I want to make him pay for how ill he has treated me. He think he has done nothing wrong and that I am just acting like a victim. So now here I am broke with child and sick and I want to make him pay. But would I be wrong to punish them both?  This girl had the nerve to tell the judge in open court that he does not want to be with me anymore and this is right what he is doing. So my question to you is should I listen and turn him in since he says I will not break him or do I stay silent and suffer?

And to add insult to injury this man got engaged with her while we were still married. I even confronted her and she denied it. What kind of woman would do that? But you are yelling that he does not want me anymore. I hate them both to the core. They ruined my life due to my ex-husband’s deceit.



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5 thoughts on “Demetrias Renaud – Gunn Virginia Beach, Virginia

  1. Jackie Shephard

    I feel bad for you OP! The only upside to this is your ex-husband has to wake up to this beasts face every morning. I can not even imagine how much it costs to feed her.

  2. crymeariver

    Ok so how long ago did you and your husband split. I assume that this Michael Gunn is your ex? If he is geez girl you are so much better off with out him. But I am confused as they seem to have gotten married almost a year ago and had a baby a few years ago. I don’t think either of these two are still in the military unless they have gotten extremely lax on standards/

  3. A

    Stop letting him control you. You never mentioned if he was even seeing his son and I’m sorry you are broke. Turn him into his command do not be a doormat and say you are doing this for your son. Your son needs a strong reliable and dependable parent which is you.

  4. Would or would not

    I love chocolate, but would not bang

  5. Fanboy

    This pudgy b**** is active military?? Wtf. I feel a lot less safe.

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