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Things are continuing to look the opposite of amicable in the split between Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich. The pair’s breakup is playing out in real time over social media, which can’t be easy for Lovato who seems to want to stay private about it. As her ex-fiancé continues to show no signs of slowing down his revised PDA (public displays of apology), the singer has now been forced to seek legal counsel.

According to E! News, Ehrich’s on-going attempts to contact Lovato, as well as her family and friends, have forced the singer to contact lawyers and discuss next steps. “Demi is completely done and doesn’t want to see him again at this point,” a source told E! News, adding that Lovato is embarrassed that Ehrich has been talking about their breakup on social media. “She can’t believe she fell into his trap and is really upset over it.”

“She is having all sorts of issues with Max not leaving her alone,” the source also said. “He has been trying to get in contact with her family and friends and they have all blocked him.”

This past weekend, on October 11, TMZ shared a video of Ehrich crying while sitting in the sand on the same beach where he proposed to Lovato. It’s a lot to take in.

Now the Young and the Restless star, who claims he learned about their breakup through a tabloid, is reportedly looking to Lovato’s fans for comfort and alleging that his famous ex is no longer sober. It appears that Ehrich is also sharing private conversations with Lovato and her manager, Scooter Braun. No, no, no, Max. This is not a good look.

The couple began dating in March and quickly started dropping hints about their courtship by popping up in each other’s social media posts, including Lovato appearing on Ehrich’s Instagram Live performances and Ehrich holding Lovato’s dogs in pictures he posted on his own channel. On July 23, the pair announced they were engaged after only four months of dating. To be fair, it was four months of dating in quarantine, so that’s more like seven months (or seven years?).

The couple shared pictures from the beachside engagement, showing of Lovato’s $1M ring and writing loving letters to each other, which they’ve now taken down from social media. “I knew I loved you the moment I met you,” wrote Lovato in her post for her then-new fiancé. “It was something I can’t describe to anyone who hasn’t experienced it firsthand but luckily you did too. I’ve never felt so unconditionally loved by someone in my life… I’m honoured to accept your hand in marriage. I love you more than a caption could express but I’m ecstatic to start a family and life with you… Here’s to our future!!!!”

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The cracks in the pair’s relationship began to show in September, when Lovato was forced to defend Ehrich after old tweets of his surfaced, wherein Ehrich professed his love for Lovato’s former bestie, Selena Gomez. Lovato claimed the tweets had been doctored, although one of the tweets included an old Instagram Live video of Ehrich praising Gomez, which is much more difficult to alter than text in a tweet. Fans began speculating that Ehrich was with Lovato in order to further his own acting and music career.

A few days later, fans began noticing that Lovato’s close friends and family members, including sister Dallas Lovato, were no longer following Ehrich on Instagram. On September 24, People confirmed that the couple had called off their engagement two months after announcing they planned to get married.

Since news of the split became public, the pair have had very different reactions to the breakup. Lovato released a new ballad called “Still Have Me,” while Ehrich has posted pleas on Instagram Stories and Facebook, begging Lovato to take him back. You know it’s bad when 20-somethings are resorting to Facebook.

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