Dennis Jack AKA Akeel AKA James Houston,Tx

I meet the Cheater on a popular dating website. Within 2 months he took me home to meet his family, took me on lavish vacations, introduced me to his best friends and their wives. He spent all his free time with me. We were together for several months and one day out of the blue he stopped taking my phone calls, and text messages. It went on like this for 5 weeks. After 5 weeks time he contacted me on the dating webstie as well as through text message and begged me to take him back. He drove 4 hours after working all night to come talk to me and try to get me back. This is not the first time he disappeared on me. One weekend before we were to go out of town he did not answer his phone or text messages. His excuse was that he lost his phone and he even called me from a throw away phone. I figured it was another woman but I figures I would let it slide that time. After 5 long weeks of not talking, and the begging for me to come back he invited me to his place in Houston, Tx for my birthday weekend and I discovered that he had been cheating with over 20 different women. Many girls who knew he had a girlfriend and did not care. He had naked pictures of rather large women, his married friends would send him messages with pictures of naked women stating “I have a girl for you”. He was having relationships with several other women, none of whom he took home to his family, but they would all say the same thing, “I know you aren’t to busy to answer my calls and text, Why are you disappearing for long periods of time, and finally I done with you”. He and his friends talked about buy and selling Cialis and Viagra to each other because they wanted to go longer with multiple women. After I found out and talked to multiple women he still did not admit to being with these women. He never apologized. As a matter of fact, a week later he text me as if nothing had happened. He appeared to be everything that I wanted but, he is nothing but a liar, a cheater, an he lacks respect for any woman. Ladies beware……

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