Desi People Say They Use Dating Apps To Build Professional Network | #tinder | #pof


For those who couldn’t find love organically, who couldn’t meet someone one day at a party, vibed, and eventually go out on dates, dating apps were a godsend. A few years down the line, caught in between right and left swipes, the realisation dawned that even dating apps couldn’t guarantee genuine dates. Because let’s be honest, finding true love is HARD.

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However, desi people are masters in this one thing – jugaad. When dating apps couldn’t guarantee love, they used it for their own benefit, like building professional contacts, networking, and even finding study-buddies to help prepare for UPSC! And people online have been sharing stories of exactly that! Have a look:

1. UPSC aspirants are some of the most dedicated lot I have seen in my life!

2. I mean, this Tinder bio deserves a medal!

3. Tinder for increasing your professional contacts? Sure!


5. Rab Ne Bana Di Co-Founders.

6. You can also find research guides on Tinder.


On one hand where dating apps have been used for education and network building, other apps like LinkedIn, LudoKing, YouTube, etc. are being used to find love!



People on the internet cannot get over how Indians can turn literally every app into a dating app! Here’s how they reacted:

When your heart is in the right place – romantically, professionally, and academically – any app can be put to your advantage!

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