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Swedish avant-garde metallers Diablo Swing Orchestra recorded their forthcoming album, Swagger & Stroll Down The Rabbit Hole, through 2020 but fell silent in January due to “some Covid 19 related setbacks” and therefore weren’t able to meet up and complete the record. They have checked in with a new update, offering up some detail sof what fans can expect from the album:

“Swagger & Stroll Down the Rabbit Hole is exactly 60 minutes & 50 sec long. 

– It contains 13 tracks, no interludes

– Johannes & Martin sing lead vocals on one track each. The rest is shared equally between Kristin & Daniel

– We aim to release 4 singles 

– Inspirations are from all over the place. Some familiar to old listeners and some new ones.

– The list of guest musicians is the longest one yet. 

– The recording, mixing and mastering took 13 months. If you include pre-production it took 19 months. 

– We’re exhausted and extreamly proud of this album

We can’t wait to share it with you guys.”

Dedicated metalheads that we are here at BraveWords, we have gone to the painstaking trouble of puzzling out the tracklist as posted by the band, found below. You’re welcome.

“Sightseeing In The Apocalypse”

“War Painted Valentine”

“Celebremos Lo Inevitable”

“Speed Dating An Arsonist”

“Jig Of The Century”

“The Sound Of An Unconditional Surrender”

“Malign Monologues”

“Out Came The Hummingbirds”

“Snake Oil Baptism”

“Les Invulnéables”

“Saluting The Reckoning”

“The Prima Donna Gauntlet”

“Overture To A Ceasefire”


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