Digital disconnect: a new face to romance


In today’s world, no matter where we go, there seems to always be some form of technology on or around us. Whether it is in the form of laptops or cell phones, everyone is constantly peeking away at their devices scrolling through their social media networks. Not only has this technology led to a withdrawal from face to face conversations, but it has also changed the way by which today’s people build and develop their relationships with one another—primarily impacting the romance department.

Technology has made it substantially easier to meet people; however, it has added a superficial standard to our generation. People are more concerned with how someone looks and who they know rather than spending time to develop an actual relationship with someone. It seems as though people in this generation are constantly searching for shortcuts and quick solutions to their needs. And technology has definitely made this thirst for fast results very simple. Dating apps like Tinder make it so easy to just swipe right for a person you find attractive based off of their photo and if they find you attractive then there is a match, which usually ends up in one of you calling each other over for a “Netflix and Chill” session. Factors like this have given rise to the popularity of the “hook-up culture.” It seems as though nowadays classical love stories are only found in books and movies. They have become a work of fiction that do not come to par with our current societal standards. A few raunchy pickup lines through a social media profile and a cute picture seems to be all it takes to physically intimate with someone else.

It’s very evident on college campuses that many people engage in one-night stands or friends with benefits and once their desires have been met or if one person is more attached than the other, the interaction between the two ends abruptly. This has led to a “on to the next one” type of mentality because the truth is there are “Plenty O’ Fish” available who are willing to engage in a no strings attached type of relationship.The popularity of hook-up culture and easy action has made a profound impact on the marriage rate in the United States. Statistics from the United States Census Bureau shows that in recent years the average marriage rate has hit a new low and that more people have opted for live-in relationships. Thus consequently, with fewer marriages, the infant birth rate in the US has dropped leading to a decrease in population growth rate. It’s clear to see that not only has technology affected the modern day concept of romance, but it appears that the future infacnt birth rate of the US might be at stake too.

Is this the end to classical romance and the growth of the US population or is it the dawning of a new era for romance and the future of the US?



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