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The recently released ZEE Original film, Comedy Couple has been bagging positive reactions from critics and audiences. Helmed by Nachiket Samant, the comedy-drama flick features Saqib Saleem and Shweta Basu Prasad in the lead roles with Pooja Bedi and Adar Malik in supporting characters. Comedy Couple revolves around the lives of Zoya and Deep–a stand-up comedy duo and real-life lovers. They are a laugh-riot on stage with their sharp and witty take on a variety of issues like relationship problems. However, off-stage, they are still grappling these issues.

Deep and Zoya often churn content for their standup through their personal lives. They troll their personal lives on stage and end up making the audience laugh out loud with their hilarious real-life experiences. However, it is hard to say how truly and candidly they describe the stations on stage. Having said so, let us take a look at times Deep and Zoya’s personal lives was translated on stage creating a banter for the audience-

When Deep and Zoya joked about their sex-life:

When Deep and Zoya go on the stage for the first time to perform their script together, they share their story of how they met. Zoya reveals she met Deep on a dating app Tinder, the crowd cheers and Zoya jokes saying boys seem happy as their brother is getting some regular sex. Zoya and Deep make jokes around their intimate life to make people laugh harder.

When Deep and Zoya shared their everyday problems:

In the same segment of Comedy Couple, Deep aka Saqib Saleem talks about how his father taunted him about never getting a girl. Further, as the film progresses, Zoya and Deep are struggling to find a house to stay together. During their show, the comedy couple shares their house problem with the audience in a hilarious way. Zoya aka Shweta Basu Prasad says meeting the landlord is nothing less than a Tinder date. Zoya and Deep, act out the questions and answer session they have with the landlord, during their standup.

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When Deep and Zoya argued on-stage

Zoya and Deep not only share their funny stories with the audience but also perform while they are in an argument with each other. Deep lies to Zoya about telling his parents about their relationship. Zoya gets upset. However, they still continue to do their next standup together. In order to justify his side, Deep asks the audience if they have ever lied to anyone. Zoya also doesn’t keep calm to this and taunts Deep. They end up performing their best show on ZEE 5 Original film Comedy Couple.

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