Don’t Delete Your Profile, But Online Dating Crimes Are On The Rise


Finding love online is the new wave. Honestly, for what it’s worth, online dating isn’t so bad. You get access to a smorgasbord of potential partners without having to get out of your pj’s. Along with that, there are a ton of positive aspects, but there is also a dark side.

Any time you agree to meet up with a total stranger that you’ve only seen through a computer screen there’s a chance that things can go wrong. It’s bad enough that there’s a chance that you can get catfished, and dealing with trolls is a minor annoyance.

One of the biggest downsides is meeting someone and going on a really bad date, but things could be even worse than you’d imagine. We’ve all thought about it, but we can’t live life worried about negative things that can occur. Sadly, the biggest danger to online dating is happening more frequently than ever.

Figures for Sky News from UK police forces show that crimes based on online dating have been on the rise between 2011 and 2016. In 2011, only 140 crimes were reported. Since then that number has risen to 676, which is a 382 percent increase over such a short period of time. Keep in mind that these numbers don’t include the numerous crimes that go unreported.

Unfortunately, during that same time period, sexual crimes reported jumped from 14 to 106 and violent attacks spiked from 29 to 240. Even crimes like cyber fraud, blackmail, and extortion are on the rise. To make matters even worse, crimes involving apps Tinder and Grindr have been on the rise year after year.

The increase could be a result of an influx of people using online dating apps to connect. Regardless of what’s causing these increases, it’s more important than ever to be extra cautious. Never let someone you meet online come visit your house until you know that person’s true intent. Over 70 percent of stranger rape cases occur when people meet dates at home or bring dates back to their place afterward.