Don’t Use Hinge Online Dating App– They Will Give You $100 and a Date for the Weekend, Seriously? | #tinder | #pof

Hinge, one of the most in-demand online dating app in parts of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, is now introducing a new feature that can give you $100 while meeting that perfect person for you!

Is it too good to be true? Not really. To avail this one-day promo, dating players must do this simple task while having a date with the person you met in Hinge: be offline until the date ends.

Earn money while dating using the Hinge app, but you need to stay offline! 

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Don’t Use Hinge Online Dating App– They Will Give You $100 and a Date for the Weekend, Seriously?

Have you been on a date wherein both of you make awkward faces on which person must pay the meal? We’ve all been there before. Luckily, when you use Hinge — owned by Match Group that also owned other dating sites Tinder,, and OkCupid– you do not have to worry about which party will pay the bill. 

According to a report, this dating app will be giving out $100 worth of Visa gift card to anyone that will use their app and find their date. The budget of the app ranges with a $25,000 gift card, so only 250 users will be able to access the said promo– meaning that it is first to come first basis. Though the promo sounds way too easy, it is not. 

You need to stay offline until the date ends

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Don’t Use Hinge Online Dating App– They Will Give You $100 and a Date for the Weekend, Seriously?

Users that will avail the promo are required to pause their Hinge accounts from 4 PM ET on Friday, Mar. 6 until 4 PM ET on Saturday, Mar. 7– while the date is still going on according to Hinge. 

“Dating apps should connect people with people, not profiles. So, to celebrate National Day of Unplugging, we want you to take a break from liking new people on Hinge and go out with one of your matches. We’ll pick up the check. Seriously,” said on their website. 

This campaign is part of their goal for their users to meet the love of their lives while not being too attached to their smartphones or the app itself. Their campaign is obvious already since their app slogan is “designed to be deleted.”

After your date and a day of being offline from the app, users can now open Hinge and confirm that they actually met on their chosen date by both parties clicking ‘yes.’

By this time, Hinge will then ask users whether they will be willing to go on a second date– which is a very uncommon feature in a dating app. After this, the user will be sent an email and received their $100 Visa gift card from the app. 

Now, you know what to do this weekend. 

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