Don’t Waste Time Crafting the Perfect Online Dating Message, Now There’s an App for That


You would be hard pressed to meet a girl who hasn’t sent a text from her crush to her friends before responding. Honestly, I would be willing to bet that in the beginning phases of a relationship, a majority of messages go through a woman’s girlfriends before she responds. I am a woman and have no idea if men do this with their friends as well, but I think we can all agree that in general, dating is hard. And trying to decipher messages from people we’re interested in is not always easy.

If you’ve ever wondered if your friends are just telling you what you want to hear — or if you’ve ever desperately needed a second opinion on a message but none of your friends are responding to you — now there’s an app for that.

WittyThumbs is the app that hopes to improve your online dating conversations by giving you feedback on your responses just like a friend would. All you need to do is take a screenshot of your conversation and upload it into the system. Your messages will then be analyzed and graded by experts in the WittyThumbs community. Then, these dating gurus will tell you how you could

The goal here is to create enough of a connection that you will eventually meet up with someone you meet online in real life. WittyThumbs experts aren’t writing responses for you, but merely steering you in the right direction to keep conversation flowing. For example, if you are super chill in person but tend to come off as rude or uninterested online, all hope won’t be lost for you and the person on the other end of the phone.

Do you think you need a little more in-depth attention? Was your last Tinder date a total bust? WittyThumbs has a premium option that lets you chat one-on-one with a dating expert. $30 will get you 30 minutes of advice, and as with all interaction on the app, it’s completely anonymous.

Obviously, there is no guarantee that the “experts” working for WittyThumbs have a better read on your crush than you do. But as someone who is absolutely terrible at online dating, I have to admit this is an intriguing idea. You can only bother your friends for advice so much before they get sick of you, and if you have a hard time figuring out what your latest match is trying to say, maybe this app would help.



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