DOUBLE YOUR DATING SCAM? asks the question “Is Double Your Dating a Scam?” and tells us which one of the top dating tip sites works the best and is the best value for your money.


  1. thefrenk

    dude. i don’t think any of the systems can? help you, the way you (your voice) sound(s)

  2. theacedj

    haha? you’re a scam – dating to relating is the only site on your bullshit list that you’re an affiliate of – and get paid to promote – 10/10 for effort – not that you’ll even post this comment, but nive try buddy- dyd rocks every time, and doesn’t need affiliate marketing behind the scenes haha

  3. tommydatubes

    i thought this was gonna be about whether or? not dyd is a scam…is it or not? i personally find it to be extremely insightful

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