Dr. Noel S Tenenbaum


He has someone….a few someone’s, but two “main squeezes.”

This all starts from the get go conversations. He wastes no time. He sets this up by telling you stories about how much of a nice, monogamous guy he is and how he is surprised by other men who do and how me just couldn’t stay with his x-girlfriend because she was just too jealous over him innocently “talking to other women. Implying that you have to put up with his womanizing and keep any feelings of his disrespect to yourself.

He’ll lay on the sincerity act and charm to make you believe he is totally available. .He “forgot” to mention that Friday he doesn’t work when he rambled off his seemingly available schedule to me. He made plans on two Thursdays with me and then cancelled at the last minute to make me believe he was totally free. However, he was busy sleeping with one of his steady lovers who have priority over his prime time schedule.

Then there are his many vacations. Please, don’t believe he is bringing anyone with him other than a lover or plans on picking up a beautiful exotic stripper or whore of some sort. If he was truly interested he would bring you along and not be so vague when he comes back and skims broadly over the details of what he did when he was away. One lie on top of another.

There is nothing wrong with him wanting to be a player, but when that kind of relationship is unsolicited and obviously unwanted it does not merit being picked apart and degraded when someone respectfully refuses to waste time on one of his his lame (off night) Tuesday night dinners. If he wanted to “see where it went before giving me a “prime time” spot in his schedule then one would think a man like him would have more confidence and self assurance to put the flings aside to give on relationship a chance. This is not “the mansion.” I’m not a Holly (I forgot the other names) or one in seven. He knows that and he disregarded my feelings and will. He is not a prize to be won; dating is not a competition and I feel sorry for those who are playing along with this mans games and falling for his bullshit.

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