25 thoughts on “Dream Theater – 12 Steps Suite (Full Song)

  1. Miguel Vergara

    The Glass Prison and This Dying Soul are the best, then The Root of All
    Evil, and then whatever, they fucked up with the “ballad one”?

  2. Humberto Sousa

    Hipocrisy is drunk with this soudtrack?

  3. TheAdam159

    i really wish they had performed this live in its entirety. Shame that
    Portnoy left so soon after the last part was complete (The Shattered
    Fortress). Also a shame that they don’t seem to play The Best of Times live
    in concert anymore (due I guess to being a very personal song to Mike
    Portnoy). In fact they don’t seem to really play any song MP wrote,
    anymore. Maybe legally they’re not allowed to? Anyway, it would be nice to
    one day see DT and MP settle their differences, and allow a live Blu ray of
    this entire saga performed as a whole, to be released?

  4. Linukcs

    Glass Prison : round 6:00 => In the Presence Of Enemies pt 2

    Really strange feeling !?

  5. Eric Lamb

    Upon finishing the Suite in 2009, he reflected that he had “dug [himself]
    into a hole with it. It was a nice idea seven years ago… After a while it
    became like an obligation hanging over my head, like a homework
    assignment.” He said that he “didn’t know if [he] would have done it” if he
    knew how big the Suite was going to be: “If I had realized what I was
    getting myself into five albums ago… I think maybe I would have written
    one song that encompassed all twelve steps.” (wikipedia)

  6. Diego Guerrero

    Thanks for uploading this! You sir, made my day.

  7. Eric Lamb

    …and you thought doing your algebra when you’re loaded was hard???

  8. thekurzweil

    Great job man!! The links between the songs are GREAT!!! Much better than
    the other video tha hangs around on you tube ^^

  9. M1st3r J4ck

    It was originally intended to be one single piece spread out among 5 albums.

  10. Jim Carey

    HELP? Is there a way to get this on my iPhone which says “Not available on
    this platform”? I want to take this in as I work out or drive….layers of
    meaning, lots of heart. I’m not a real genius with music, downloads,
    playlists…I was set to buy this album, but found out (duh) it’s not an
    album. Not in a place to purchase all the related albums just now, and kind
    of doubt that DT songs are available individually.

  11. Bartosz Przyborowski

    my personal edit includes the intro of The Root of All Evil in full,
    because i think a listener deserves a ‘breather’ after 25 minute of heavy
    metal, before, well, another portion of heavy metal…and because of the
    fact that this synthesized intro is later revisited at the very end of The
    Shattered Fortress… Then after Repentance i also include full intro of
    TSF – without the fade-in, since i use the beginning of the instrumental
    edit from bonus disco of BC&SL

  12. ryonafan

    ”full song” as if it is just ONE song XD

  13. M1st3r J4ck

    Absolutely amazing cutting. Feels like one single song, as originally

  14. ryonafan

    didn’t turn out that way though

  15. NovaNixEternalFlame

    you are ungrateful, he puts them together and then you come to talk about

  16. guitarman3149

    My favorite section is “This Dying Soul” but in all reality each section is
    absolutely amazing. These songs really show the genius writing of Portnoy
    more than any other songs he did with the band.

  17. Flávio Filgueiras

    Awesome! Did a great job! Congratulations!

  18. ryonafan

    don’t you mean songs*, if its just one song let me tell you it has the
    shitiest dinamics i’ve ever heard , if they are several songs then they’re
    pretty good

  19. SeeThroughHead1

    I like the way you linked the songs together so there are no breaks

  20. Edu Cortina

    of course, the glass prison is the root of the all evil after all 😛

  21. Matheus Vieira

    I can’t think of any edition more perfect than this one. Amazing, you
    catched the exact timing to shift the songs. Congratulations!

  22. serjdd

    the glass prison still stands as the strongest among them all in my
    opinion,not that the others are bad.

  23. wilkmathiu

    I very admire The shattered fortress, it’s amazing in my opinion!?

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