Drink spiked doctor drops appeal


THE Tyrone doctor who assaulted police during a night out has dropped an appeal against her sentence.

Dr Eireann Kerr from Strabane had her drink spiked with a date rape drug at a Christmas party in December 2013. However she was subsequently prosecuted for assaulting police while intoxicated by the drug. She was found guilty of two charges of assaulting police officers, disorderly behaviour and resisting a police officer after her arrest.

The presiding judge said he harboured no doubt that Dr Kerr had her drink spiked, but said that this was not a defence under the law.

Despite Dr Kerr’s defence team submitting toxicology reports to show she had been drugged, the prosecution contended she knew exactly what she was doing.

She was then given a two-month conditional discharge.

However since this conviction, thousands of people signed an online petition, ‘Drop the case against Dr Eireann Kerr.’ The lady herself appeared on local radio and TV, criticising the public Prosecution Service’s (PPS) decision to take the case against her as she was the victim of a crime.

“Dr Kerr has been convicted of the offences despite being the victim in this case,” the petition letter to the PPS outlined.

“Because of this unmerited conviction, Eireann has a criminal record and faces possible sanctions from the GMC which could affect her ability to practice as a doctor.

“It is grossly unfair that Eireann should face any charges, as she is the obvious victim here. It is not in the public interest that victims of Date Rape type drug intoxication should be prosecuted and have their careers destroyed through no fault of their own.”

Dr Kerr had initially lodged the appeal after claims the convictions would put her medical career at risk.

“I have worked in A&E departments and I work with people who are acutely confused and intoxicated and disorientated from sickness and psychiatric illness,” Dr Kerr said at the time.

“I understand that some of the things they do at that time are not them and are not their character.

“And I understand that the drug that was given to me completely changes your personality. It makes you aggressive, it can make you completely disinhibited. It gives you amnesia and that’s why it is used as a date rape drug. It makes you dulled in your senses and your orientation and that’s exactly how I was on that night.”

She added, “I can only say that I’m really, really lucky that whoever tried to spike my drink didn’t actually get the chance to go any further and that’s the only solace that I can take out of it.”

Dr Kerr was not present in court when her appeal was withdrawn.

Source: http://ulsterherald.com/2015/09/01/drink-spiked-doctor-drops-appeal/


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